Power trip


Do you have any power? I think the seventy year old lady downstairs is trying to have power over me. I don’t if it’s physical(70!!!) ? Personal? Money? A man- women thing? (70)!! It’s making me uncomfortable, I’ve been fighting it for 45 minutes. She’s waiting for me to give up the fight. As I wrote, “give up” she read my mind and I gave up.So she won.The bitch had to have her own small way to please herself. And I lost another battle to her mind games for the umpteenth time. I tell my family she has been bugging me for three years and they tell me she is not doing anything to me. I feel like killing her. But I won’t tonight.


Yeah, I’ll be alright, thanks. You’re right, I don’t get angry often, ; not being able to get angry is a problem for me. But the jokes on me. I think all that might have been in my head. I live in a complex with seniors and a minority of disabled. I think she realy does have power, she must have had a good job or money when she was younger. My agitation died down. But hey, thanks for the reply.


Thanks, I will. Have a nice night.


Do you think it might be like the power of voodoo, or a curse of some type?
I used to believe a long time ago that I had a curse on me, and read up on how they worked on people.
Voodoo only works if you believe it does and same with a curse, only you have to give it permission to work on you.
Problem with both of them is they can be turned back on the person who cast them.
Turn the woman’s game back on her and take back your power.


She will do anything to win including mind games, deliberately trying to drive me crazy, and tricking and outsmarting me. I can accept actual physical threats, that’s fair. I understand she’s old and people may see her as a target and she has to defend herself. I already admitted that I’m beat. Have you ever heard the baseball term, "Piling on’? But when she aggressively wrecks my peace in my own space, when she destroys me even when she started it and she’s wrong and I’m right and she uses me against myself, that’s when the frustration begins. I mean, if she is using the fact that she’s an old lady, then act like it. Don’t use it to get away with murder EVERY day.


No, she didn’t. I rarely see her.


Yeah, I could really use some help with this problem. It’s wrecking my serenity. My RELATIVE serenity I should say.


Hi, Nick77, I am sorry and worried that you are angry with a 70 yr old lady who rarely speaks to you or sees you. I don’t believe that she used mind power to control you. She might be interested in things like to make good conversation with you as she could be lonely. But she is just an ordinary person and has no special power. also she might be interested in talking with anybody who looks nice, not specifically you, nick77. So more likely it’s just your imagination or delusion. And even if this lady does hold some negative feeling towards you, she could do nothing except staring at you for a while. You can easily ignore her by not looking at such an old person and forget her thoroughly.



That makes perfect sense to me. My family pretty much says the same thing. I just want to get along with people. Getting along with people never went smoothly for me growing up, except with friends. I get along better now sometimes and that’s what I want. I will be polite to my neighbor and say ‘hi’ and be a good neighbor. Or you’re right, just ignore her. Maybe I’ve been behaving like a jerk. And like Jayster said, ‘You don’t have to go very far to find assholes and trouble in the world’. I don’t need to look for trouble (which I’m not). My neighbor might be really nice for all I know!


She may just be sizing you up, so to speak, that means maybe she is just wondering in her mind about you being so young in a place for older people.
Have you ever been thinking something while looking at someone, or looking in someones general direction, and then you look up only to have that person give you a dirty look or say something rude?
The look on the face doesnt necessarily represent what one is thinking.