Big bully against little old lady

Wow, the lady downstairs. Pretends like she’s not thinking of me. When in reality she is sensitive to my every thought and feeling. She’s in my house practically. When I realize this, she threatens me and puts the fact out of her mind like it never happened. I saw this trip a year ago.She takes all the credit for everything I do and pretends it’s not happening. When I call her on it.She has this thing when she deliberately ‘switches’ subjects; and she believes hard enough that the incident never happens in her mind and moves on.The power of playing with someones mind and using the mind switching it around with mind games like I’m causing trouble. She knows what she can get away with. It’s hard to retaliate when someone takes out a lifetime of rage and focus every ounce and miniscule feeling into my mind. I can’t operate with someone focusing intense rage so hard that I’m paralyzed. And then when I feel hopeless and helpless she acts like , "Matter of factly. Like ,“Why is he upset”. No big deal. How can I fight someone who gets away with using me, and then she ends up happy and free and I’m left agitated and off-center. She’s one evil bitch. It drives me to do things like go out and drive around at 12:00 at night if anyone looks at me I stare back. If someone scares me I scare them back. If people want to mess with me, I’ll do the same. Cowards and pricks. She gets mad at me for messing with me. She sucks the life and my experiences right out of my body. Sorry for the negativity. I guess the bright side is she forces me to get out of the house to escape her sick games.

Not a word. I just want to get along.

To me it sounds like a delusion too…

i does not sound like a delusion to me , i have an evil mother just like that and a mother in law,wasn’t i lucky !
best thing is to ignore her , smile and pretend nothing she says is hurting you, it will bug her i promise .
people like that hate good things happening in other peoples lives, and they feed of other peoples misery and suffering.
take care

Finally. Exactly. She was trying to drive me crazy about an hour ago. She knows it. I know it. This lady has the instincts of a cat. As I read your answer, I actually immediately took your advice. She backed off. I wavered a little debating whether I can follow your advice. And she immediately picked up on the hesitation it and now she immediately figured out a way where it won’t work anymore. The smug bitch. She’s the most evil person I’ve ever met. I would like to kill her for all the misery she’s caused me. Slowly.

I don’t see that you’ve mentioned what she have really done to you…do you hear her voice in your head ?

Hi Nick. I have been reading your posts for a long time even on the old forum. You have been a source of inspiration for me. I would like to caution you that it seems like paranoia may be playing a big part in what is happening right now. Regardless of what she is doing I think you should be careful about your own thoughts and actions right now. I would not want to see you in harms way because of her. Talk to your doctor. He may be able to help you cope with how she is making you feel. Sending love.


Thanks Barbie, I am rather embarrassed at what I wrote. It’s a serious matter that I will talk to my doc about next Thursday.
I’m going through a med change right now. My doc is weaning me off resperidone, which I’ve been on for about six years. I’m in the process of switching to Zyprexa. I can’t just blame all my problems on medication but it might be playing a part. Or maybe somehow it’s a case of breakthrough symptoms. I’ll talk it over.

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you can’t show any sort of weakness with this type of personality, just smile and walk away !
take care