I feel awful

A lady in my city has been putting spells on people for as long as I’ve known her. She targeted my family after I bumped into her recently. Now she is controlling my mind. its going to cause me to hurt her tomorrow if I see her around where I go for my appointment. The mind control is awful. If I hurt her (which is part of her spell on me) she will probably press charges and who knows what else. How can I inhibit the mind control???

Sh it. No dude, you can’t hurt her. Don’t hurt her. Swear to me that you won’t. There are no spells. No one’s controlling your mind other than schizophrenia. You can’t always trust what you think. I don’t know what time it is where you are, but please call your pdoc NOW or ASAP. They will tell you how to proceed. What’s your appointment for? If it’s not absolutely vital, then I would say don’t go until you can get in touch with your doctor. Honestly I think you should just get someone to take you to the ER right now. If you lose insight then it’s over. You can’t let that happen. If you have a prn antipsychotic then take it and call someone who can keep you safe.


If I were you, I would try to relax and talk to my doctor about how I felt.

I talked to my peer specialist and told her, she said if I see the lady to call her. Then I got mind control worse shortly after that’s why I posted here for help. It’s almost 12am, and it’s a therapist appointment tomorrow. I have no prn antibiotics, my pdoc said she wouldn’t give me haldol and cut back on the caffeine. It’s not sz though she is the one causing all this when she saw me last week. It’s been happening for years. I have so much proof

Okay. You’re so sure, right? Why haven’t you contacted the police? The FBI, the CIA, the NSA? No one? Because I’ll tell you what; the government will be really interested in this woman if she really does have all those powers. Perhaps it’s because you think that you’d be killed? The witness protection program exists and would protect you. It’s because you’re afraid you’ll end up in the hospital, right? Because part of you knows that this is implausible at best. Hold on to that, and navigate these next few days very carefully. If you feel that you’re about to snap, get yourself somewhere safe. Tell your therapist everything, see what they say. Take care. :hugs:

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I told everyone I know, the spell caused my mom to get hurt tonight, and 3 years ago she took a stroke, the day I ran into her my bf and I ran into one of his family members, and those months past my bf got addicted to hardcore drugs, thankfully I pulled him out of it but yeah that lady brings in ■■■■■■■ hell. Not just my family but others I know.

You probably don’t want to hear it but spells are like folklore. Superstitions.

It’s like I could catch a cold and think oh it must be the satanists in the other town casting hexes on me, that’s why I got a cough.

It’s too easy to blame or connect something negative to something like that.

Hope you feel better soon.

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This illness plays tricks in your mind, while someone else or no one is responsible for your misery, it shows you another person and says this is the root of your problems, be aware of its tricks and do nothing out of law, things will be solved hopefully,

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I wish she would move away so she doesn’t cause any misery. Spells aren’t folklore, they actually happen. The Beatles sold their soul to the devil, your not going to tell me that’s not true? It’s a fact. My peer support believes she is casting spells as well but she said since I haven’t seen the lady in a long time, they may have died down, and that my prayers will deflect them. Well, two days later two consecutive bad events happened. I had this reasoning before the consective events happened on two occasions of me seeing her one day after the other.

That’s why when I see this lady next time I have to wait for an unfortunate thing to happen… Or I can fight the devil and hear her shriek and tell her to stop fuxking up my life. There should be consequences for every action. Fight fire with fire.

I think you shouldn’t hurt her. If you do it, then you will be hospitalised. I think no one can control our mind. This is only a symptom of schizophrenia. This symptom can dissapear with medication.

I am on medication, and she’s controlling my.mind… why does mind control happen if it’s a symptom of schizophrenia?

She doesn’t want me going on vacation this summer so obviously she’s going to hospitalize me. That’s another part of her spell. Spells are hard to deflect especially when I feel powerless over them. I am the victim

Maybe you need another medication. It’s posible that the meds you’re taking are not working.

My treatment team aren’t going to let me get off the injection

Yesterday before my mom got hurt, not out of coincidence, I meet with the peer supplrt, she said all positive things to me and then I started hearing all faded memories of positive voices. It was driving me nuts.

Now that I’m negative on here, I heard “I’m going to kill you ___ my name”

Do you feel manic again?

I don’t know if I do

Honestly if the devil would take my soul and heal my mental health issues I’d do it in a second

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Thanks for being honest

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