I want to share some of my music

Hi, this is, awkwardly enough, my first post here. A friend of mine, @crazy2, mentioned she was posting on these forums, so I thought, what the heck, I’ll join too (yes, I’m schizophrenic – I go into slightly more detail on my profile).

Anyway, does anybody here have an interest in instrumental music? I think I’ve been able to compose some rather unique stuff that’s worth hearing for that reason alone. I’d start from this.

There are also some others, some of which I haven’t uploaded yet. I’ll post them if somebody cares.

I started composing half a year ago, a couple of years after my first psychotic episode. This particular piece though has a lot of material from a much earlier improvisation of mine.


Keep it up!
Would love to hear more, and I’m sure the other users would appreciate your work as well!

That was good, i enjoyed it anyway.

It sounds like life, repetitive, drab, unrewarding, ever continuing and painful.

It also sounds like aging.

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OMG - so happy to see you!

Wow, this forum is fast.

Happy to see you too, @crazy2.

lol, @pansdisease, that’s an interesting way to compliment a piece of music. I see where you’re coming from tho.


I like your music, too.

I liked that waltz…

Very good. I can’t even play the violin or piano, though I took lessons in both in childhood.

For some reason i can’t see any of the videos. I’ve checked youtube on my browser and there’s no problems with that.

They don’t work for me either when I use internet explorer. I have to use firefox. Could be the pop-up blocker. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Thanks to everyone who has listened or commented so far. I’m glad my stuff has elicited a few positive reactions.

@CarolineC, I think playing an instrument is more difficult than composing. I play the piano a little and used to play the electric guitar, and can only envy advanced musicians. (Not that I don’t envy advanced composers but, not as much.)