My Celtic Song :)

this is my original song

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Excellent musicianship…

I get a bit of a Peter Gabriel vibe off of this. :wink:


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ty Patrick :slight_smile: i appreciate the compliment :slight_smile:

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Nice vocal track as well…

The ‘muddy’ production only adds to the mystique of the composition giving it an unearthly tone.

I lurved it! :wink:

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I just finished up a song I wrote for a female lead…@odiledecaray

I just have to get it recorded on the computer and send it to her. My brother is going to help me do this in the near future.

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I’d like to hear it :smiley:

Hello There Huckfinn … ,

I Am Requesting Your Pro Prafessional opynyun , On What I Have Created … ,

Please Enjoi ------- > \ ^*^ / Post Your Own Music Here \ ^*^ / < --------

Any Thots Good OR Bad Would Fill My Heart With Purple Blood …

:sunglasses: :smirk: :neutral_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :fearful: :weary: :worried: :angry: :angry: :rage: :dizzy_face: :astonished: :smirk: :sunglasses:

I like the misty feel. Sid Barrett coolness. I’d like to hear you expand lyrically.

I’m not a pro tho sir

You Forgot Tha (Y) Yo Yo … ,

But Yes I Shall Understand Perhaps What You Are Saying One Day … ,

Thanks For Lissening … ,

L(Y)Ke Thus (???) ,

Hmm (???)

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Yea. Very cool !

Gracias Senor (!!!) ,

Ok I Shall Swizzle Tha Slizzle and Shutizzle Tha Frizzle Bud Drizzle … ,

Keep it Cool HomescrilletT …

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