A very schizophrenic rap

Hey guys just made a rap. None of it makes sense really, at least not the chorus

As a result it comes off very… schizophrenic lol

Hope you like, I really think its starting to come easier to me :slight_smile:


Awesome Zee, sounds great :slight_smile:


Thanks hap! 15151515

You’ve got a really nice voice!

I like it!


That’s really good. I agree with @Wave that you have a really nice voice.


Thanks @Wave and @Moonbeam ! :slight_smile: I definitely put a lot of work into the delivery lol


I really like it! Some people rap, but it’s really hard to be “music”. You make great music :+1:


Thanks @Abise Im really glad you like it!

I think music as an art form has always come naturally since my family pretty much listens and shares music 24/7 lol but as far as songwriters go none of us really came up with anything of our own till I started after getting psychosis over 3 years ago

A blessing and a curse, cuz now I rap about ■■■■ like emitters and institutions and making gongs leaky lol

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Hey why the heck not?? It’s cool


Lol true! I think maybe having an illness like psychosis gives me the inspiration for music. Prob why I started writing songs

Did it do that for your poetry? I feel like it makes me wanna be expressive to get it all out

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Well sometimes it helps for me to write it down when I’m in a rabbit hole of dark thoughts lol

When I was in deep psychosis, for odd reason, I could draw realllly well. Like things that I would never be able to do again…

It is quite odd tbh


Holy sht me too man on the drawing!

When I first became psychotic I drew an arm clutching a thorny vine with blood dripping down and people thought it was amazing

Never drew anything better than that. I was floridly unwell lol

Great stuff @zwolfgang.
You do have a great voice.
I don’t listen to much modern music, I’m just clueless about pop culture these days. But I did enjoy your music.
I think you and @Jonnybegood are very talented, as well as others who post on this forum.
I agree with the members that state they are somehow more creative when symptomatic. I did some of my best stuff when I was off meds.
But I prefer to stay as stable as possible nowadays.
I still like to think I will resume writing and recording at some point in the future when I get the right equipment again and have some more time.

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Lol yeah brain works in mysterious ways…

I’ll have my voices instructing me how to draw with certain techniques and my hands would respond to its directions and… and boom!!

A photograph of my delusional hallucinated characters :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I gave it to a stranger lolll


@eighteyedspy23 thanks man! I appreciate you checking out our stuff always even tho it might not be your genre!

I think we all have a unique mix of talents and potential, thats why I love checking out other peoples music here so I can steal some ideas lol. But thats how art is man, Im heavily influenced by @Jonnybegood s style since we work together so often.

Good for staying stable for sure, its not worth it even if psychosis does boost creativity. I think it does for me at least

@Abise Thats cool man! I only drew in class because I wanted to distract myself from thinking everyone there was watching me and plotting something. Some of them were awful but some turned out really good

Haha whyd you give it to a stranger?


Oh who knows…lol delusions make people do all sorts of strange things

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Very true very true lol. Well thanks for checking it out man! I like your poetry a lot as well, is that thread still going?

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It’s going off and on… I treat it as a vault where I lock my weird thoughts :thought_balloon:

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