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e(Y)e Shall Be Honest @erratica ,

e(Y)e Now Want to Write Super Depressing Death SonggG’s … ,

As e(Y)e Was Writing That One and Building Chord Structure For it , e(Y)e Decided About halfway Throo , That e(Y)e Needed to Lift Tha Soul of it Up , and To My Humoristic Pride , It’s STILL Really Depressing in My Opinion … ,

but e(Y)e Tried , With Some Dark Attitude …

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Another Song Song to Anyone Interested in Such … ,

If You Lyke it ( OR ) Hate it Lemme Know , So e(Y)e Can Trie to Improve …


So sad but so beautiful.
Pleased to meet you dear friend, but it’s not the end

e(Y)e Am In a Friggin Mood , e(Y)e Whanna Record and Record and Record and Record … ,

BLARGH (!!!)

That’s wonderful, keep it up!

Ere’s Another One ,

Featuring My Pup (!!!) ,

AND (!!!) ,

Thievery (!!!) ,

N e Hoo , BLARGH (!!!)


This was an idea i had one night having coffee. I think i did a good job.

That’s pretty good. Ever considered playing live?

Just a hobby to be honest, don’t like to take it to serious.

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Yeah, me too.

Messing around last night, came up with this. A little overwrought, but not bad to start with?

Rhubot you’re quite the comedian today :blush:


It’s okay.

You’ll need more practice though if you are to be as good as katy perry or some of the other greats.


Yeah, some people got it, some don’t. I figure as long as I’m having fun, that’s all that matters.

As long as you are trying thats whats important.

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I appreciate your encouragement, means a lot.

Are You Guys Secretly Making Fun of Me (???) ,

Onli In Public and Shuzz , Cause Sadly e(Y)e Jus Dunno … ,

Yay ( OR ) Nay (???) , Something and Such …

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No, we’re not. Pans is in a good mood, so just joking along with him. Sorry, it was selfish and off topic.

No Way Jose , It’s Cool , e(Y)e Was Jus Lost , No Worries …

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Yeah, they do that alot.

it’s no secret.

I think they need it.

Don’t make me send my four headed jello dog after you. No one is making fun of sleepoptimistic here.