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:boom: :boom: I sort of thought I was the only one who went through this. I feel so horrid when it happens to me and I finally get my feet back under me. It’s taste like sour eggs and aluminum foil. Then I think I’m not being nice enough, or understanding enough.

Then I get sort of ashamed of myself… I had a bad one a few weeks ago that just freaked the heebies out of me. Then I felt really dumb for how I acted after.

I’m sorry if anyone has been triggered by a post here. Thank you for letting me know, I’m not the only one. (sigh of relief) :relieved:


I came across an article the other day about how emotions can get translated into taste in our brains. I wish I had posted it as I can’t find it now. Your ability to describe emotions by flavor is very insightful and I can usually taste your emotion, if that makes sense :smile:

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Thank you for that… most people just ask me… How do you know what a aluminum foil taste like? It’s odd when it goes the other way and I’m not tasting the food, but I’m feeing something by eating it.

Blackberries are very emotional for me.

If I recall correctly it also talked about how our brains relate taste to situations and the emotions that that situation caused.

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to be honest quite a few posts, never by you, have triggered me…i have not mentioned it because, i like you felt bad that i was feeling this way.
but it is good that our boundaries are pushed, otherwise we live in a bubble of safety.
we become ’ bubble ’ people !!
i may have pushed peoples buttons myself with posts that i have writtten, but it is never my intention…
those i have been triggered by are written by those who are angry, by those who proclaim that they are ’ cured '…by those who do not think before writing their thoughts…etc…etc…what bugs me the most are the posts that whinge about the ’ delusion ’ section.
i see so much and hear so much i could write a new thread everyday…so when people attack the delusion section, they are attacking my thoughts and experiences…and trivalising them.
i’m sorry you have felt this way aswell.
when i have seen people writing negatively about homelesness, i know this will hit a raw nerve with you too.
thanks for understanding and sharing, i hope you and your kidsister and family are well.
take care


I am more careful about checking out this site early in the morning before I go to work. I have read posts that threw me for a loop and affected me at work for hours after I read them. I can’t think of any specific examples but a couple times my miniscule amount of confidence was shaken from reading certain posts and caused me to doubt myself .


we as sz are naturally sensitive and take things to heart, sorry you felt this way, i can relate.
take care

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Thank you for that a lot Darksith. I like what you said about “bubble people” I have felt like that at times. I try not to take it too hard when I see something that gets completely under my skin.

But there are times when my ability to shrug stuff off isn’t as strong as other times.

@77nick77… I too have to read with caution when I’m reading before work. There have been a few times I’ve taken my distaste for a post out on an unsuspecting Juniper bush. Poor bush, never did anything to me.

I put down some extra mulch to make it up.


I’m sensitive to some posts as well. Mortimer bothers me the most. He’s so egocentric and when he wrote he is the best functioning one on this site, I nearly lost it. He wrote before his mom still does his laundry. Oh well, he hasn’t been around since his racist post about Hitler. I’m sorry I really shouldn’t talk about someone. But really? :sunny:


You know what really makes me feel guilty? When people I know from group or even my youngest brother start in with some of their theories and things they try to convince me as fact and I’m just watching this like an outsider looking in. I’m listening to this and feeling more distant from them.

I know that my youngest brother is just on the first steps of his life dealing with this. But when he gets manic, and hyper and superior I feel that I can in no way relate… even though I’ve been in his shoes, I’ve had some of the same problems.

The more superior he gets the more I can not take it. I know it’s the illness, but my patience fades and then I feel worse about not being a good older brother trying to help this poor little brother as he tries to figure out which end is up.

I wish I had more patience for people in general.