Theres someting morbidly sensitive going on when

You feel like you’re going to be sent to prison over a dropped spoon. I mean what’s really going on here?

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What do you mean by that? Is someone making you feel overly sensitive or is it just sort of happening?

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Are you okay @chordy

@StripedShirtBoy, @Futomimi It is just that that is the way I feel when I get bawled out for something trivial. Yeah, I’m ok. Probably I don’t have enough to do with my time and I get negative about suggestions. I am waiting for a library book to come in.

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I, myself, am a paragon of feeling guilty and being overly sensitive. The schizophrenia and my low self esteem has compounded it into something horrible. I ask people around me if they are mad at me every twenty minutes or so for almost no reason.

On an intellectual level, I understand that sometimes people react in ways they don’t intend. People get annoyed at things they shouldn’t. I do it myself. So I used to try to rationalize it to death, explain it away. That might be able to help you. I would think trying to rationalize it away would be the best course of action. Try to understand that sometimes even nice people can be jerks.

But that hasn’t worked so well for me. So what I try to do now is find a reprieve so I can rebuild my defenses. I think of life like going into battle. And when I need to, I escape to my room and reinforce my armor. I don’t worry about whether the nicks in it were put there by me or someone else. I do what I need to do so I can step outside and rejoin the battle.

I lost my weaponry long ago.

But you don’t need a sword. You need to fix your armor.

Just don’t drop the soap once you’re there. Just sayin’…

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