Everyone in "real" life

were so b______ to me that I returned it. inside I am fumigating a whole lot of anger instead of eating it all.

how do I like it? not at all. still, I do it.

that’s the way it is with me folks. sorry. it’s not directed at anyone here.

hugs to you for memorial day. judy

I know how it is to be upset with something that someone else has caused you to feel. I will just blame myself for any misunderstandings or evil goings on in this world, because it is just my way of believing what I do because doing so brings peace of mind. I hope this cheers you up, and big hugs to you too Judy.

i hope you are feeling better today :sunny:
take care :alien:

thank you so much to both of you. hugs to both back.

I feel better now thanks. judy


You feel better…thats what matters.

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petester, how do you feel? judy

feel bout what?

everything petester.



Do you know what it’s like to try to fit in somewhere?

I have my own issues I get angry about. There isn’t really any way I can resolve them.

well, I got really upset last night that I couldn’t stop smoking yet. Day One all over again but I am really fighting this time. I made it so I can’t get cigs even if I want to now so I feel good today!

great to read jukebox that you are denying yourself cigs.

hope you succeed at it. judy

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sorry I’ve been busy,to answer your question, I feel very medicated,thanks for asking.

petester, I love my meds. sorry to read yours are making you feel so medicated.


“Real” life,that’s exactly how I feel ,since crossing over everyday life often seems like im in a movie .