Possession sensation

Have any of you felt like something else was in your body manipulating it like they were inside you? If so, please describe your experience.


My entity can blink my eye lashes while pretending to be a girl. It will also roll my eyes like a hot chick at me through my body if it thinks I am being silly or a jerk. It feels so real, it is definitely feminine faces I would not make on my own, all while matching the energy and emotions it is projecting in my consciousness (I can feel its energy/presence if I focus on it). When it is a guy it will also make wicked smiles through my face, or stick out my teeth like it were an animal.

If I channel into my entity’s energy I can force it to talk, and if I fully channel into its energy it will possess my face and make annoying faces through my face, at times also jerking my limbs around. It is kind of cool. Judging from the rest of you, I have a special telepathic connection with my entity. It is unique.

You know it’s just people ■■■■■■■ with you right?

What do you mean by “people”? I doubt it is human.

Dude they’re all multilinear telepaths, they can do this ■■■■ in their sleep.

They typically let you draw up the scenario then make it a reality.

So you think they are humans who are telepathic?

My entity is with me 24/7. Some people think they take shifts, but I am not convinced. I’ve stayed up 48 hours straight trying to ware it down. It never got tired or took a break.

I more believe in collective consciousness. It’s easy to know what’s you and ignore the rest. They’ve show me time and again that they are monstrously smart and talented.

You can’t really hold any of them accountable, it’s the essence of humanity itself.

They’re smart and gifted, but they definitely don’t have the disposition of an Einstein. That is the confusing part.

Perhaps all consciousness stems from another source and the brain is just the recipient.

Yes, I’ve heard of this notion that the brain is like an “antenna” channeling into a Brahma type source. It is a cool idea.

They’re all just playing around. Enjoying the experience. I’m pretty sure they reincarnate through the collective consciousness. They used to tell me they did and tell me about how old they were and how they last died and stuff.

Telepathy used to be wild back then. You quit asking about that stuff and they quit talking.

I was raised Catholic so my default disposition is to view them as demonic. I also went through a Christian phase, but I am trying to look at other possibilities too.

One time the a very old soul jumped into my mind. Showed me this trick to keep myself from talking telepathically. He had me envision a small brain with little beads rolling around it. There were 8 beads and he had them all revolving at the same time in different directions. Then I tried and could only keep 2 going at once. That guy was a bother for like two days before he either left or went silent. He appeared as batman in my dreams and kicked the ■■■■ out of me just to show what they were consciously capable of. He was pretty humorous about it.

In my eyes they just play religious, keeps them thoughtful and good.

O_o sorry dude I’m just trying ■■■■ with your head. I feel bad about it. Interesting ideas to entertain. Don’t know where all that schizo ■■■■ comes from but once they choose you they don’t leave you alone until you really learn to behave.

Those mother ■■■■■■■ stole my wonderment, now I can’t think.