Wearing Others Human Bodies

Does anyone else have a entity that is able to jump into other human bodies and control them in which you can sense them out pretty quickly? It/They appear evil

have people or entities that can get inside my body, feel like there underneath my skin they can move my hands and even other body parts around, they speak through me too, Can’t chase them out though, this has been going on for 10 years, For 10 years they have always been living inside my body watching me

Believe so. When I confront them instead of being drawn into the argument, they do a 180degree turn and drop the drama.

i don’t think it’s actually possible for a spirit/ghost whatever to jack an adults body tbh. i know it’s possible up until the age of seven but beyond that i don’t know. and u won’t know till u die. if it is possible and i don’t like being a ghost then i’ll choose to be reincarnated. i’ll b a girl again…don’t fancy being a boy. i won’t smoke or do drugs. i just hope i still have my talents. maybe i’ll choose rich parents next time. who knows. or maybe i’ll prefer being a spirit. don’t know and wont know till i get there.

Yes. I have seen entities entering people and moving body parts and making them speak. I am glad I am not the only one to see and hear them.

Spirits and ghosts do not exist. It’s like believing in Santa Claus. Talk to your psychiatrist about these delusions. It sounds as if you need the dosage of your anti-psychotic medication increased.

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I also know this is possible for they can become themselves inside me and do this all the time. The soul and body are not the same and it is the soul that controls us. The soul has a mind that is not found in life and other souls have found a way to become something inside the mind of the soul, astral projections and vivid dreams.


Hello bipolar_bear

You do not believe that we all have a soul?


I believe in what science can prove exists. If science cannot prove that something is real, than it is simply part of you imagination.

I would like to jump into Rihanna’s body…

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I once believed as you do and in part I still do. A year ago during my awakening I had an experience that still defies my understanding. On a sunday night a voice from outside of me started to talk to me and wanted me to understand things at that time that seemed very strange. I was laying on the couch as the rest of my family slept and he did something to me. He stopped my heart and stopped my breathing and I was fully aware. I just laid their dead but fully awake, he pulled part of my soul from my body as I could feel my feet and torso move down below. Each soul has control points that allows that soul to connect to each and every life form. They kept me up all night talking and showing this to things within me and discussing these control points.


Yes I believe this happens but being able to distinguish good from evil spirits is what really matters. In the end days Gods Spirit will fill all flesh of the Earth. I am seeing this happen already today. If you even believe in this kind of belief or not will decide how crazy we might become if we didn’t know what to believe to be happening when it does.

Rihanna would be fun! Jenna Jameson of Lexi Belle would be funner though! :blush:

Never heard of…but im assuming… :slight_smile: :underage:

also…a soul intercourse would be more than fun for a long distance relationships…