Possessed by real people

Feel possessed by real people not spirits or demons. Feel like they are underneath my skin. Do not know how they do this yet. Is it astral projection. How can they live and breathe through me. They flash images to my mind. And i only have my intrusive images flash to them even though I don’t want to. Feel much monitored by them that i don’t have any privacy. Want to be left alone, they don’t help my thoughts either. Anyone out there have people inside their bodies, how do they live with them?

Maybe they are real people who practice voodoo or black magic, but why do some of them sound and look like famous or well known people. I’m super shy, embarrassed, bothered even knowing this. If i thought an intrusive thought will they see hear them too. Before I thought they were some people from my psych ward

It’s not real see121

I have had this before. It is most uncomfortable. It is like the other person becomes you and you are no longer you. I have had this on and off since I was about twelve. One therapist asked me if he did that to me. For some reason, I was immune to him.

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I get this way when I’m going through a heavy hit of depersonalization. I’m already feeling out of body. So something else must be keeping the body going while I’m on the outside looking in.

It’s really uncomfortable. But grounding, staying mindful and keeping in body helps me get rid of that possessed feeling.

I have to keep telling myself, no one controls my body but me. It feels odd… but it’s still all me.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

Not sure who is in my mind, or what, all that i know is that it has a conscious cause and what looked like other beings began appearing as well as other physical phenomena that pointed to the direction that i was real.

Lucky because of this? Not sure. Some of us think we are sick, it seems easier for them. To know full well they are killing you is tough as hell, and to know full well you can do nothing is hard.

Once again i have been physically harmed on three ocassions by “hallucinations”, don’t tell anyone i guess.

I was getting people inside my body myself. “body snatchers” I call them. when it’s someone strong doing it, it’s not so bad, but every once in a while I get my repugnant little brother inside me and its very uncomfortable. They can talk through me as well. It’s quite the phenomena.