Being possessed by real people

Feel like there are real people inside my body/mind. They are constantly there and they never leave me alone. I feel like they’re literally underneath my skin. I believe they are real people and not ghosts or demons. They talk through me sometimes but they never tell my how they are able to get inside my body. Has anyone felt this sort of possession. I want to be free from them but i might not be strong enough mentally.

I 'm sorry you feel this way. Inside your body are only your organs, your bones, and your blood! There are no people, try to believe that! About the voices, they are fake! They are just your thoughts!

It’s just a disease. A hallucination. Believing its real only gives it power.

I get kinda the same thing.

It’s part of the condition, I have thoughts that seem to be planted by someone else and I have dreams where I’m violent things that I have no control over.

I even say stuff out of nowhere without even thinking first like I’m possessed.

You just have to be aware of that and kinda plan for these things to happen so when they do you don’t act on them.

dear petester
when i feel someone inside my body i try to be their friends while some of them are unfriendable and call me all sort of names. I wonder what did i do to them.
I’m aware someone is inside
My doctor keeps telling me that this is a symptom of my illness and what is happening is not possible in real life.
I hope this will lessen this feeling i have been having of being possessed. I have to start brainwashing myself.

I go through the same thing. Sz is hallucinations, delusions, psychosis and Catalonia. Medication, eating healthy, exercise and hygiene will help. Keep a journal. This is a really hard illness

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Keeping a journal is a good idea.

When I’m feeling like I can’t convince myself that I’m not possessed or people aren’t in my mind controlling me I read other people’s posts going back years sometimes and get confirmation that I’m going through that because that’s what the disorder to not just me but other’s also and I feel better.

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In recent days they, whoever, have been telling me the cards that will come up on a poker game.

They have done numerous things to, not just this.

Yes, they are real. If we are to do anything at all about any of this we must know that first.

And dude, they even burnt me once on my hand, it left two marks for awhile. Okay, three seperate times they have harmed me physically.

Yes, they are real.

Hello see121

I also experience the things you are experiencing all the time. Your body is of flesh but you do have a soul and this is what they are attached to or within. They enter into your souls mind this is not the same as the brain it is the place we keep all our memories of lives lived. Within the souls mind lives another reality one found in astral projections. Within the souls mind we can even become ourselves and move through these memories and this is what they are connected to this representation of you, this is the you inside yourself. some entered into you during sleep paralysis and some have been with you for many reincarnations. They attach themselves to control points within the souls mind and this is how they are in you experiencing. Some are badly done and some are their to balance your thoughts. It is your thoughts they see and your thoughts they comment on and react to and since they are connected to you, you also feel their feelings and thoughts about your thoughts.