People underneath my skin

People inside my body for the longest time. I wrote a blog early before. But i don’t know how to get these people out of my body and mind. They are literally underneath my skin. I’m not possessed though. My thoughts are read by these voices/people. I get anxious and panicy because they can read my intrusive thoughts. Need to be exorcised. A priest didn’t work a budhist didsn’t work. I have living fear that my intrusive thoughts will end up killing me.

I’m sorry your going through this… I wish I had some great advice to help.

I hope you might talk to your doc to get some help controlling this feeling. The intruding thoughts can be really upsetting to say the least. I got help fighting mine off by going to my therapist and my doc.

The feeling of someone else in your body… words don’t really describe how upsetting that can get.

We’re all different, and for me… it was called depersonalization.

I felt like I was out of my body and something else was making it move and do what it was doing. I had no control as I was passively watching myself do what I didn’t want to do. It was stress/ panic triggered.

I hope you can talk to someone soon… maybe a crisis line and get on the road to feeling better.

i used to think demons were inside my body, they would shake me violently. I thought i was exercising them to get them out of my body. Later that didn’t work so I thought I had to vomit them out, so I did… then days later i went totally nuts.

I know that doesnt sound good. but what im getting at is later once I had some time to think about it all I realised it was a delusion that something was inside my body.

hope you work things out

I would try to quit caring about what these “people” hear in your mind. It’s not worth bearing yourself up.

Try and work on how you want to think. Think innocently and objectively. Try to just observe when you can.

Everyone else knows that it’s not really people in there.

Sorry your going through this.

Reminds me from meds getting skin like flypaper, is that it, or not? If they are out there, then it would be external.

I sort of know how you. I can’t know exactly how you; because, I am not you. I have similar problems and even told the social security disability review people about it. I don’t think they understood. Mine has gone away. Medication has helped. I have had these “issues” since childhood. I remember thinking that after I would be in contact with someone; I would no longer be me; but felt that I was that person. I believed that all the mannerisms and personality of that person entered into me and became me. I felt I was not me. I do not know if others around me saw me any differently than what they usually saw. All I know was that I felt so different. It was a little scary. I think it is worse if you are under any sort of stress or undergoing a change in your life. This may off the wall; but, in addition to medication and therapy; it is helpful to realize that some sort of psychic sensitivity may be present. Don’t abandon the meds or therapy. Just put that at the back of your mind. Be strong. Do whatever you can do that is “healthy for you” to return the whole of you to you. Always remember, this too will pass. You are in my thoughts and prayers to all the Angels this evening; but this freeing from these awful thoughts and feelings, you must do yourself. Just know we re supporting you and here when you need us. Also, remember, even though we have never met face to face; WE LOVE TOU ALWAYS!!!

I went to Excorcists. They told me to go off my meds. It worked for about a month.

Don’t listen to them.

You need meds.

It’s ok to follow the design.

You don’t always have to color out of the lines.

I went back on my meds although the meds aren’t working. I’m really not enjoying life right now. I wish I could go back in time pre sz.

I’m on 300 mgs clozaril daily.

I don’t blame you for trying. But putting faith in spiritual people to know anything about mental health is a wrong move.

The pro psych people aren’t that great either. They know it’s better to give a shitty prognosis then face the flack of encouraging people to believe it can get better. They keep you on meds and profit the whole way.

Gotta find your own path. A strong part of it should be high amounts of skepticism.

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Are you doing street drugs?

I hope not.

Meds should help if you are following the regime.

sorry this is happening to you.

They meant well. They spent hours working with me & never asked for a dime. One of them was actually going to college for a counseling degree.

Anyway they had me quit meds cold turkey so I was going to work & at the same time going thru withdrawals at work. It was kinda like having the flu yet sweating at the same time.

Ah that doesn’t sound like fun. Did you go back on meds?

Yes I did go back on meds. They got mad when I did. They told me that mind altering drugs invited demons.

Well I’m glad you didn’t listen.

Do your meds help calm things down for you?

No nothing is helping except talking to others.

I was also diagnosed w OCD after my son was born. Everything went nuts after he was born.

No street drugs tho I sometimes wish I were. Thank u for your concern.

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Yeah OCD can keep a psychosis running.

You mind is constantly expecting things to be there so it checks and so its there. Be it thoughts, or hallucinations, or feelings. It’s pretty hard to unravel but it can be done. Takes a lot of time to understand and work with. Mindfulness is key, behavior chains as well.

I didn’t know about the OCD psychosis connection really. I have the OCD that gives me unwanted harmful thoughts. Intrusive thoughts.

Those are a part of it.

The inherent insecurity with reality that comes with this illness is seen as a problem in your mind. Unfortunately the illness has the upper hand so long as you’re allowing yourself to believe it’s real without question.

These intrusive thoughts are both a product of your past and also your mind trying to solve a problem it cannot really fix. It’s like a loop that keeps coming back. The mind wants to believe there is a solution, so it keeps trying to find it.

This might not apply to you but that was sort of how it was for me.