How do I get these people out of my body?

Feel possessed by people it is a nightmare, Seeing thinking things I don’t mean I hope no one can see me, I need some privacy, have a fear of people watching these thoughts, hope it gets better soon.

No one is in your body, no one is in your thoughts. It’s a delusion I promise. Please tell your doctor about this, they will try and help. I’m sorry you’re suffering through this, it’s tough I know. I believe that it will be okay, things will be okay. I wish I could do more to help you, but I can’t, so instead I’m sending you a hug. :hugs: I hope you feel better real soon.


Also, feelings do not always reflect reality. I feel a lot of things; that something’s off, that I don’t belong here, etc. These feelings sometimes fuel our delusions, so it’s important to remember that feelings are nothing more than feelings. They do not dictate reality.


@Sardonic is right, you should talk about this with your pdoc. Are you on meds?

Medication is the most crucial treatment to improve symptoms. If you are currently experiencing these things while you’re medicated, then perhaps you should ask your doctor if there might be a better Rx or dosage that would better treat your current symptoms?


I used to get that a lot.

I used to slap my face trying to make them leave my body and I would scream and swear at them when I lived in a apartment years ago.

It was so nice to feel like myself except some of the other ones I feel are my spirit friends.

I have some I really miss.
One intense funny man was one of my closest and I even thought he was my real father once then he was one of my best friends…

I used to think my neigh was possessed sometimes too.

And sometimes feeling hate and destructiveness that was not me.

I used to feel like or similar to how you feel.

I think bad first then in good ways aswell.

I hope you will feel better soon.

Have you told your Dr?

I never told mine and still don’t think I have but I think it is good if you do.

Medication can probably help you feel more like yourself again and feel better.

Wishing you well.

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I am possessed by Thoughtless, an hebephrenic voice I have, which makes me do silly grimaces, silly gestures and words. It appears every night when I am alone

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