Positive vs Negative and cognitive symptoms

Would you rather have positive or negative and cognitive symptoms?

For me, my positive symptoms were severe and lifethreatening. I would rather have negative and cognitive symptoms from antipsychotics.

I become a danger to my surrounding and myself without antipsychotics.

i prefer neither

I would like my voices to stop, that’s a positive symptom. Maybe a second antipsychotic could do that but I’d have to weigh the risks of adding a second on top of Zyprexa.

I think the most popular answer would be cognitive/negatives, because they are known to be the hardest to treat.

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I would rather have negative symptoms than the positive or cognitive. As it currently stands i have some cognitive issues and negative issues. I hate the cognitive issues, makes me feel like i’m really stupid. As for the negative, i’ve suffered from Major Depression on and off for years. I’m used to the symptoms associated with it.

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Its like a question that cannot be solve. One side or another will cause there to be difficulty.

An interesting, though difficult, question to answer. I’d probably have to go with cognitive , but how much that is to do with sz-a vs Asperger’s , and a probable learning difficulty, is debatable .

I’ll your theory and all. There definitely are a wonderful about of questions that arise on this topic .

I definitely have been feeling the negatives of the negative symptoms. People refuse to rationalize these as illness and not personality flaws. My family has become very disrespectful to me, and I feel its the fault of the illness. I know its easier day to day, to not have to suffer anxiety or stress from positive symptoms so its not like I’m upset, but its so unfortunate that its harmed my associations with my family.

I suffered with severe positives all my life. Now that I’m an elder, I’m left with negatives and cognitives which are both mild by comparison.

One thing we can all do, is being the very best people we can be. Accept who you are for yourself, whether you can stand it some days or not. We all have what we are good at handling and our struggles. This is a safe place where we can learn from others. I hope all well.

Trust in yourselves

If I didn’t have the negative and cognitive symptoms I could deal with the positeves better.

How if you’re paranoid, hallucinating and delusional? My positive symptoms make me aggressive and a danger for others and myself.

I think treating positive symptoms is more important than treating the other symptoms.

My negatives are effecting me more often than the positives do. At least I think so, but maybe I have deep down issues. Maybe my positives wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t tie into negatives all the time.

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