Would You Rather?

Would you rather have positive or negative symptoms. Positive would be hallucinations and delusions or would you rather have negatives such as no motivation, cogintive decline. Assume both are somewhat resistant to medication and therapy. Not sure if this is a helpful thread.

Personally, I rather have the negative symptoms. I already have them and I got delusions too. No hallucinations as far as I can tell. My main negatives are drop in intellect and no motivation. I guess people with positives under control have a better outcome because they still have motivation and minimal cogntive or IQ decline.


I feel like negatives make me unable to work or attend school, thus no money and more stress in life like dealing with parents who sometimes threaten to kick me out or say they have no money or want my money. That’s what I’m dealing with!

How about you?

Positives are always worse, they reduce your function more and can even be deadly like in my case.

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I have both but hallucinations are scary. Glad to have those under control.

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Positive and negative symptoms are separate.
My positives are 90% under control but my negatives are 0% under control.

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I felt like my negs got better over time especially because of my supplement use. I heard positives get better with age while negs get worse. Might work in my favor lol.

My positives (just delusions and possibly DP/DR) are like 30-40% under control. My negatives are like 50%.

I don’t hallucinate or hear voices and never have. If I did I don’t know what I’d do. I just have negatives and cognitive issues.

It’s a case of better the thing you know with me.

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I prefer the positives. The cognitive decline and lack of motivation have taken me out of the game.

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Both are pretty terrible really I think I would rather have negative if I had to choose the voices just drive you up the wsll

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I would rather prefer the negatives too… I am tired of my paranoia in fact :confused: … I need to hide in my bed sometimes from my neighbors in the evening, its too much… Carry so much fear is tough… I have painful somatic symptoms, because of my paranoia and my delusions. If it was just the negatives, i would have kicked my a** more… But when i am scared with paranoia, i cant do much…

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I kind of like my mild positive symptoms, everything is dreamy, beautiful and exciting… i really hate the negative symptoms.

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Ithink the ngatives and depression is worse to have

For me positives are life-threatening unlike negatives, otherwise I wouldn’t be taking meds.

This is too difficult to answer.

OK but from the top of my head… I’d rather have negative symptoms cos at least I’d still be in the real world. Wen my positive symptoms take over, I end up in a different world where everyone wants to kill me, including my family. So yeah that’s why

id rather have minor positive symptoms. I can still function like that. but negatives are very debilitating for normal living. Anything beyond minor positive symptoms though is just as disabling though.

not really as black and white as that though.
someones minor positive could be paranoia and dark themed which is no good.

but mine could be like noticing energy everywhere or special connections or a bit of magical thinking, everything seeming bright and wonderous. that i could function like that. I could get a bit derailed by grandiose thinking but mostly under control when like that.

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