Can someone explain, negative, positive and cognitive issues to me

Was just wondering if anybody could explain those

Positive symptoms are like hallucinations. They are present where most people don’t have them. Negative symptoms are things like apathy and such. They are things absent which most people do have.
Cognitive issues are dealing with thought. That’s the basics of it.


What’s positive about hallucinations? That would seem negative to me

It’s more of a description of symptoms that are present over not being present. Not the best terminology but like many things in medicine it’s stuck and is in common usage.


But People with cognitive issues, do they have them because of SZ or meds?


The worst scenario with meds would be that they don´t affect cognitive issues

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I didnt understand that

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Cognitive symptoms are caused by schizophrenia. The worst an antipsychotic can do, in that respect, is not adressing this issue.

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Meds caused my poverty of thought in social situations. Absolutely never had that prior.

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the positive symptoms (delusions, hallucination and disorganized speech) are called positive because they they are something present in sz which isn’t present in most people. the negative symptoms (such as flat affect and avolition) are called negative symptoms because they are things not present in sz which are present in most people. Positive and negative here do NOT mean good and bad.

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They also caused anhedonia and avolition. Never had that before either and 100% sure it’s not mental illness.

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I have to agree I have the same negative issues you have if not more

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