Poor sis... I think it's stress fractures

I think my poor sister just cracked. I have never seen my sis yell at someone like this for no reason.

I have a neighbor who is a nice young lady and like plants but never seems to know how to take care of them so she asks me. She’s bought nearly 20 plants this last two months. But the poor lass has no green thumb. I am a gardner. I do help when I can. She came to our door with a basic dieffenbachia and asked for some advice. My sis just went sort of ballistic on her…

Saying if the neighbor couldn’t figure out by broad leaves it’s more of dim light plant and just moss the top and water it sparingly, then she’s too stupid to date me. What the… (???) (how did dating get in this?)
Then my sis slammed the door and ranted that I need a girl smarter then a house plant. Ok… I am confused.

Step two in the process, my sis then swung emotionally, felt bad for this, baked her a quick set of muffins and just went over with an apology card and a Western Garden house plant guide book.

My poor sis is cracking. It would make sense. I’m really sad to think this is starting to happen to her. I’m wondering if this is intervention time, med time. She has a therapist.
I am now gathering ideas.

Well she did just have surgery. Did they give her painkillers? Not taking them after a surgery means “wounded animal” but taking them means “looks like your enjoying some heroin today”.

That’s my experience with surgeries, I’ve had a couple minor surgeries and not taking the painkillers makes for one pissed off monkey. Taking them makes for one doped out monkey.

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sounds like she was just in a bad mood :boom: haha

it sounded pretty funny tho

but maybe just keep an eye on her and if it persists you should talk to her or tell someone about it.

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My sis didn’t get any pain killers. She was also told no blood thinners or tylenol. Post surgery pissed off… :monkey_face:

So she will calm down soon… cool. I hope the doors last.

Sometimes (not today however) she does remind me of the “black knight” from Monty Python “Holy Grail”… “It’s only flesh wound! Come back here, I’ll bite you in the ankle.”

Probably not cracking just frustrated. It has to come out somehow and unfortunately it was the neighbor but she is making amends for it so I wouldn’t worry too much.

On a side note. If I didn’t have a green thumb and was going through 20 plants in 2 months… I think there is a big possibility that she is using this as a reason to talk to you more :wink:

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Wow they have me plenty of painkillers just for having my wisdom teeth removed. She had surgery on her stomach, if im not mistaken? That doesnt sound right.

But doctors know their ■■■■, so I guess she shouldnt be on them. Gotta trust people who endure med school…I could never make it in even pre-med if I tried…

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She had her stomach seared shut for bleeding ulcers. No pain meds. But then if she was given something, she might not be taking them anyway. She’s not only a Steampunk, she has decided she’s a “straight edge” what ever that is. I am so glad I was locked up through nost of my 17 year on this earth…
I would not have been able to keep up with myself.

Oh straight edge can be a problem. I was straight edge for most of high school and I could have used medication. Really part of my noncompliance with psychiatric treatment was due to it at first, for the first six months of my schizophrenia I was straight edge (save for cigs and workout supplements), but then I started drinking and quickly became an alcoholic.

But straight edge is great for some people. I would be if it werent for schizophrenia. Now I take three prescription meds because of my schizophrenia and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. Before all of this I would smoke very little, just a few cigarettes after school and I didn’t drink coffee. Now I have lots of stuff in my veins. Caffeine, nicotine, Xanax, Geodon and Propanolol.

But before my prodromal phase, which began in my senior year of high school, I was seriously straight edge. I was caffeine and nicotine free and not on any medication, and I was always into some athletic activity, running and calisthenics (military style conditioning) and then a year of Krav Maga training, and then weightlifting hardcore after that…until I entered a slow descent into psychosis.

I have some pictures of my glory days as a straight edge…I wish I was still that person sometimes. He was a good kid, and he’s actually one of my voices. I sometimes miss hearing what “old me” had to say to psychotic me.

Maybe your sis is dealing with a lot of things inside her mind, I think she needs to let them out, maybe you can sit with her and start letting her to talk the stuff out, she would feel much better. spend some time with your sis and try to be supportive, I think she stressing out and she can’t figure out what to do…it happens…
My mom starts to crack and act weirdly when she don’t get out of the house for some time, it’s something more that getting stir crazy, so I know I should take her out and get her a good time.

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Definitely talk to her and make sure she is seeing a therapist. I think your parents should be involved too. It might be too stressful for you to take the load on all on your own?? I think talking to her and being real supportive is a great idea. and so is seeing a therapist. Thoughts are with you and her. :slight_smile:

your sis is just tired emotionaly and physically, give her a few days she will feel better.
she has also been rather strongly reminded by no one but her own body that she is not indestructible and needs to think seroiusly about her eating habits.
my sister has survived being a long term anorexic by eating little food , but healthy food.
take care

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I understand your concern. Change in behavior, emotional swung, being agitated, disorganized thoughts. I will take it seriously and seek intervention for early psychosis. Can u take her to meet the therapist together? Even better if u could take her to a pdoc. I would also suggest talking to your parents first. They are your strong support. I am sure they would come up with a good action plan.

Serious problems. …But I have to say, that was one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in any movie.

But I have to agree with other people. She just had surgery and she has a lot on her plate. That would throw anyone off.
Sure, it’s smart to wonder how serious it is especially, given the history that runs through your family. But be careful about jumping to conclusions.

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She and I are supposed to start co-counseling this month. The surgery put it on hold so we’ll start at the end of this month.

Great opportunity! Make good use of it.

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