Pondering the demons

So as I’ve mentioned before, my worst issues are with the demons, who I can speak with telepathically, can see if I close my eyes and can physically feel when they touch me.

I was just kind of dissecting that and thinking about it. Currently there are different demons I deal with. There are the little imps that sort of just stick around and keep tabs on me. They usually don’t touch me or interfere or do anything unless I antagonize them. I think they’re just supposed to keep an eye on me for the head honcho.

Then there was the horribly abusive demon back at my old house. It was incredibly violent and vicious. I went through some awful, awful things with that demon, and it basically destroyed a part of me. A lot of times when it was full on attacking me I felt another presence in the room, watching. A stronger presence.

Well after I had basically been completely broken by that aggressive demon (which I believe was its purpose), the other demon moved in and started interacting with me and attacking me instead. It isn’t brutal like the last one, it’s actually fairly gentle but firm. It still hurts me, but it doesn’t scream abuses at me or anything. It just tries to get me to accept it and willingly go to hell with it which of course I’m totally against. It tries to confuse me a lot.

I realize all of these are things my brain is making up. It’s just kind of weird to see all the different aspects and how they’ve developed.

i learnt to put spheres’ of white or golden light around them and send them to the other side of the universe where they have to walk back…
or i have this out of body experience where i fly through the air with a sword and i cut them up and kill them…they keep away from me now…
i still see them, but the volume is on ’ off '.
they generally run from me now and if not they soon learn too.
take care


I call out to God, but I have to focus every ounce of my energy if I want to keep them from attacking me, which is exhausting. Nothing else works. Thank you though.

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just a thought, but i started to create rooms in my head, first simple ones then more complicated…
it trains the brain…SurprisedJ has a similar thing, he takes himself to some beautiful places going by the description he gives.
perhaps a c.d that talks you through meditation could help to retrain your thoughts and mind.
you don’t get rid of the demons you just learn to accept them and control the volume …it takes practice and discipline…but worth it.
society teaches you to be scared of the demons and other creatures, but in reality society as a whole is scared of it’s own shadow and what we ’ see '.
i see hell below my feet and people scrambling up who touch my trousers and grab at my shoes, but you learn to ignore it, it does not bother me…you can do this.
take care

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Hello Anna

Their are two different types of sparteil that you are dealing with here one that can thought form and the boss that controlled the smaller ones or imps. The smaller imps are not bad they just don’t understand things going on there they want them to know not to listen to the other one there controlling them.

There are many of us here free to think for ourselves now through powessy he is showing us the way of these people and wants you to stop hurting them there, there reality is the true reality not the images you see inside themselves there.

Can you thought form try making a ball and rolling it on your head or touch something on your body this will allow you to control their movements on your body.

I’m sorry but I don’t really understand what you’re talking about :<

Hello Anna

I thought You had a different understanding of them then you do. What I want to know is do they talk to you all the time?
You say they touch you, I was wondering if you ever tried to think through thought touching yourself and whether or not you can feel it?


Ah ok. They do talk to me all the time, I can interact with them freely. The imps generally don’t talk to me unless they’re goaded on to, in which case they hurl unintelligent insults. They really aren’t smart at all. I haven’t seen the aggressive one in a few years now, I think it’s role with me was done. The big bad one I can talk with at any time though, but I prefer not to because it tries to confuse me and turn me against God.

And yes I have tried to recreate myself what the demons do to me. I’m not capable of it. Back when I moved and the demons hadn’t found me or just the move drained all their energy, they weren’t able to attack me. However I was addicted to the sex and was so desperate I called out to them and tried to get them to attack me again, but it didn’t work. I tried fantasizing but it wasn’t the same thing at all.

Basically I can’t just cause myself to feel that stuff, it’s beyond my control.

I also think that the three voices in my head or body are demons and their leader, the Devil.
They pretended to be my emotional centre and intellectual centre respectively, with the Devil guarded over them.

This sounds closer to mental illness - The above (Imps and such) I’ve never experienced and I’ve experienced and studied a lot.

I’ve mentioned the Ironic Process Theory previously where in our minds will force hostile command statements and such out in fear that we’re going to have them - Mistaking those for ‘demons’ or attacks from psychics only keeps the brain hack going.

Psychics are pretty much objectively real - Always been there before we noticed and went bonkers. Not demons or angels and some take meds for ‘voices’ while others just tell fortunes over a crystal ball.

Nothing to worry about; just strange science most of us are not told about when we are younger and it sends us into a tizzy when we come by it later in life.

i don’t know abot demons tbh…i’m not religious so quite which category i’d put them in, i don’t know. can u have demons without believing in god? i don’t think u can. and where do these demons come from? i read a book recently which perpetuates the idea that they come from other dimensions…if that’s the case then they are not demons but simply other species of life and why would they want to pick on us as a race…i find it all very odd. this same guy that wrote the book also believes in channeling aliens so i think he’s a bit delusional himself. he believes in psychics…i don’t. if these psychics were real then why can’t they give solid unquestionable information? why is it all so bloody vague? there’s never any u will do this on such and such a date…it’s barnum statements like u will experience upheaval in ur life…yawn…applicable to anyone. it’s just a circus trick imo. if there is a gift then why haven’t we been trained to use it properly? why doesn’t mainstream science recognise it? after 14 years of dealing with voices trying to persuade me that they r telepathic and failing i find it very difficult to believe in such things. i think the demonic attacks (tactiles) r simply ur brain replaying a memory of human contact of whatever situation is stuck in ur subconscious. if u have sex, maybe ull c it as a rape scenario with a demon instead of ur brain misfiring and replaying an event or events that have already happened. my voices threaten to rape me all the time and if it ever hapens i’ll know where it came from…my own imagination and memories of actual rape. the inititial event is a template for te tactiles i think…so no, no demons, just split personalities and brain malfunction. hope that brings u some hope or comfort xxx

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IF they’re demons, what are their names?

exactly there are no demons bothering you just phantasms of your own mind.

They won’t tell me their names, I’ve been trying to find out for years.

Again I realize they’re products of my psychosis. It’s just not very helpful information when they’re attacking me. It’s like being mauled by a tiger and every time someone walks by they’re just like “the tiger isn’t real!!” And walks away and I’m like well gee thanks that was helpful.

I didn’t mean it like that I’m sorry. I know all too well the confusion of the illness and I didn’t mean to be so blunt.

No it’s ok I get what you meant, I’m just so used to getting those “it’s not real” responses so I took out my grumpiness on you :< sorry and thanks for trying to help!

I just don’t want you to get wound up with those things even if they’re real. Lesser, arch demon whatever it is when you really start to wonder about these voices and symptoms and give them the time of day that you realize you’re going into a possible psychotic episode. I’m not saying demons don’t exist and I’m not an atheist, but please Anna try to not give them what they want…

Attention lol.

We didn’t choose what beliefs we had growing up we were fed what we saw around us what our parents taught us what we saw on tv… all the horror movies … demons ghosts aliens what have you there’s a name for it… superstition we were just the foolish few out of the many who chose to believe in it… have you ever tried to re evaluate your own beliefs ? And begin to think no this is nonsense it’s not real? Guess who made it up? A man with an opinion a highly imaginitive opinion and we fell for it