Poll. when you were at school were you picked last for teams? deselected by your peers? Last or second last on sports day?



I have autistic sub type schizophrenia if you can put it like that
I was firmly different, bullied, quiet, unpopular, all the way through school and was dx age 18

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I was voted “most athletic” in my hs graduating class of 120 kids. 3 year starter in football and basketball. never had problems because of it, but I wasn’t the most social kid.

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I was pretty popular in school (high school, middle school was brutal),

But still picked last for almost every athletic game because of my lack of coordination.

I’m just a terrible athlete and everyone knew it.

Middle school I was just plain loser-y and no one wanted to pick me,

I blame braces and glasses.



I have done well with a lot of yoga, some half marathons, skied a lot,
generously peppered with cycling, gym, water sports inc surfing, sailing, swimming,

I think this is a bit unusual for schizophrenics but i was the shyest and fattest and most picked on girl in class
i really think i was

I’m borderline overweight / obese and still walk between 13500 and 27500 steps a day
this is because i’m stressed

sorry to reply with all my stuff
i think you being that athletic is unusual for schizophrenics isn’t it?


I was a solid athlete. Good at every sport. But I focused more on watching than playing. Plus I got surgery right before freshman year of hs so couldn’t do sports

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Cruel kids - i would have judged that myself though i was one of 2 girls with lisps!!!

like i could have said a word against anyone.

so sorry.

I decided that being spoken to like that hurt and that i didn’t want to hurt anybody
have probably never had a gossip in my life because of that, a lot of people carry that stuff to adulthood

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I’m not sure if its atypical for sz. I don’t know many schizophrenics to be honest, other than here… I was diagnosed later in life at 26 or 27. started to hear voices at 28.

much of the time I didn’t think I was sz. at all, I thought my dr’s were diagnosing me because I get in trouble with the law frequently. not sure really


God i would have envied that if i had thought to envy sporty people at that age

I was mostly trying to avoid talking to anyone

what surgery? if i can ask

Hernia surgery! It sucked ballsss. Pun wasn’t intended but should be.

I just watched pro sports not school sports so much.

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I thought it was unusual.

I’m not sure if post dx lack of motivation gave me that idea.
Sporty into adulthood - new poll?
also are you or were you a gossip? new poll!!!

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I had 2 of those
one as a baby and one as a toddler

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I’m not a gossip but my ■■■■■■■ neighbours are, they love to gossip about me. I cleaned my windows and it’s popular gossip, I fart and it’s a hot topic for the week. Low lifes have nothing better to do than gossip about someone with a mental illness.


sounds like some of the friends i have had.

it’s unbearable
it’s more that they are like that
they are in the wrong and everyone knows it

doesn’t feel like that if it is directed at you though
with paranoia it’s hell on earth but hopefully you can mentally defend yourself!!

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well, it’s a long story in my case and i won’t bore you :slight_smile:

but the bottom line is, my neighbours are assholes, and i’ve never done them any wrong

still, it’s me who has to move away

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sorry - lots of guesswork from my experiences.

i have had experiences but never needed to move because of people

I wasn’t much of a gossip in my 20’s but as I got older I started to gossip more readily, with anybody I pleased. I felt like it was true human nature and I stopped resisting it.

also I felt like all the case workers and doctors were gossips and didn’t abide by confidentiality. everything was one sided from their perspective so I started to speak openly. I’m often times still censored by the mods here who can’t handle what I post.

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yes, i agree.

I have said bad words about people - as well as some pretty bitchy stuff

just not as part of a group
not as part of everyone slating a person in company of peers.

i have said some horrible stuff - yes
to my family
and complained
and i don’t know why there is but it still feels like a difference

ANY way

it is natural order. I believe that.

I just found love and belonging and non procreation first.
took a long time

I was bullied at school. But now when im bullied at work.i can manage better than others in my situation. I think when you are bullied at childhood you form a type of brain development that makes you really strong.


I missed every sports day I could, or didn’t participate while there. Unfortunately I was bullied by “friends” who were basically gas lighting me all the time, so I thought pretty much everyone outside of my group was somehow bullying me, even though they weren’t.

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