Were you socialized when you were young?


I wasn’t really except my immediate family. I really struggled with developing peer relationships all through school. I also had a mother that was working so much that i don’t think she could pay to attention to that. I think if you watch the middle i would have benefited from the social class that Brick is always in.

Sometimes i think my poor relationship skills that have followed me throughout my life may have contributed to my schizo but who knows.


I think part of the reason why I was so shy as a kid was due to my parents not being emotionally supportive of me. They never had anything positive to say to me as a kid, which damaged my self-esteem.

I tried to be social when I was a kid, but I couldn’t fit in because my father never got me interested in sports or anything. I was pretty weird when I think about it.


I was hyper active. That other kids would not want me around never crossed my mind. I was in lots of fights. I got beaten at home.



I’m sorry to hear you got beaten at home.


I survived. I have no contact with my father today. I moved from him when I was 14. He stopped beating me when I was 12 because I hit him back with my fist. I was about to kill him, but then I had my chance to move out.


In grade school I had to many friends, always in trouble for goofing around, talking to much, socializing even-written up on my report card!.
Then after a series of tragic events, I withdrew right before high school and preferred to keep to myself, but I never felt lonely nor seeked out companionship.
I never had any problems with anyone bullying me or giving me grief.


I was hyper and manic and the class clown. I don’t know if I had Friends, as much as I had an audience. I started withdrawing when I was about 16 and 17 when the paranoia got really bad.


My family had a rule. Children should be seen and not heard. If I became chatty I was threatened with a belt. :


yes I socialized as a kid. but now I don’t have any friends


I had difficulty with peer relationships from very early on. Really only had one boy i was quite friendly with and contact stopped when i went from prep to public school. At home my brother and sister were closer to each other and i was the rather solitary elder brother.
It’s only in fairly recent years that i’ve got closer to my brother.


My mom had schizophrenia and refused to take medication. She was very paranoid and deluded, so she wouldn’t let me and my siblings socialize very much.

I had a very hard time making friends as a result. And when I would find a friend, my mom wouldn’t let them come over, and wouldn’t even let me go to my friend’s house.

So I never really socialized well. And I still have problems making friends to this day.



I was actually the ring leader as a kid. I was the one who organized stuff, i tried to make sure i included the kids who were “weird”. I was outcast for a while in Jr. High until I beat up a bully. In my sophomore year of high school I transferred to an international school for bright, unusual/foreign kids and I again became the ring leader. Everyone there was either weird or from another country, it was like a haven for misfits, gays, kids with drug problems, and the go-to school for internationals. It was prestigious, and everyone was expected to perform well and get accepted to schools with big scholarships. It was a wonderful time of my life, and schizophrenia struck me halfway through my senior year. People noticed but thought i was depressed, but then i started to share my conspiracy theories with my friends and they quickly got the picture that I was suffering from schizophrenia.


thanks everyone for commenting i’m definitely not alone i guess. what’s funny for me is i do a phone job and i’m really good on the phone dealing with customers. My employer likes me a lot!! but for some reason i can’t do well with developing relationship or friendships in person. I truly thing this has been a big issue and i do think there must be a link to it and my schizo. but i don’t know.