Poor co ordination/loner/sports

I have read that people with schizophrenia are often loners and not good at sport as children. Although no longer diagnosed with schizophrenia, i am diagnosed with a schizophrenia spectrum PD. I was both bad at sports and a loner at school. Although never diagnosed with dyspraxia i was tested at Great Ormond street when i was 6 for what was then called being spastic(this was due to concerns from my teacher)- the result was negative. However i have always had poor balance and co ordination. I was nearly 14 before i learnt to ride a bike. I am a poor judge of space and often walk into people. I fit many of the traits for dyspraxia . At school, as i have stated previously , i was bullied for being physically and socially awkward.

I wonder how many others here fit that pattern as described in the title…

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That is exactly why I swim.

Sure, we’re on a swim team, but your the only one in the lane when your swimming. Swimming and surfing is a fairly loner sport. I can’t run, I have horrid hand/eye coordination so I can barely catch or throw anything. I’m working on getting better for basketball. But I just throw the ball around with my nieces and nephews.

I could sort of ride a bike, but not very well. Skiing goes to fast and I’ve been to afraid to snow board due to the fact that your feet are secured onto the board.

A surf board is easier for me because one… there are no huge waves around here so the surfing is pretty mellow. If I fall, I hit water not concrete.

I was physically and socially awkward in school. I got picked on a lot growing up and wasn’t so good at sports. I think I got more coordinated when I got older (except for walking funny) but I’m still messed up socially, and I’m more of a loner than ever.

I was a loner all my life and stopped sport in primary school, I never went further than interhouse athletics.

I’m non-sz and I am horrible at sports. To uncoordinated. Tried but couldn’t hit a ball or throw one in any sport. We did most sports in gym class and I sucked. Later on I tried things like bowling and pool. Bad at those too. Give me a good book to read and I’m happy. In school you could usually find me alone in a corner somewhere with a book in my lap.


I’m SZA. Was always a loner but great at athletics but I usually stayed away from the team sports. I’ve run a couple of marathons but gained weight last year after a med change and no motivation to exercise any more.

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I had loner spells growing up due to depression and OCD, but for the most part I was a leader socially. I was good at baseball as a kid, I was an outstanding hitter and always hit a double or triple. When scz struck me at 18 I became asocial, was an absolute loner for 6 months until an old friend with a heart condition heard about me, he spent his weekends with me, we both drank ridiculous amounts of alcohol.

Now he’s cooled it with his drinking, is in school studying nursing and is also an EMT. He is heterosexual but I had sex with him once. He and I have a strong friendship, we identify on many levels. He takes medications for his heart condition and has a pacemaker, I take meds now too. We both wanted to be military officers as teenagers but he had an open heart surgery in his teens and I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. We both are headed towards medical fields, I want to be a research psychologist, I will probably be a professor, and he is going to be a nurse.

We were both loners together for a while.

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Son was not a loner growing up. He always seemed to me to be comfortable in his own skin, with his funny low-key personality and people always gravitated towards him. He was coordinated too, played baseball and soccer early on, but gymnastics was his #1 sport. He was a very good gymnast and was on a competitive traveling gymnastics team for many years.

All that changed when he got sick at 20 yrs old. He is very much a loner now.

I’m a lonar most of my life, but I was good at basketball and played on the high school team. I was never extremely coordinated, but I got by allright and had a pretty good 3 point shot.

I was pretty much a loner growing up. I would have very little friends and soon I was to myself nearly all the time. I’m good at running and cross country, but terrible at everything else. Not to mention I haven’t worked out in a while so I’m nowhere near as good as I used to be.

I was loner I guess. I had two childhood friends who I hung out with from about 5th grade to a couple years after high school. But at school I withdrew and kept to myself. When it comes to sports I only did two organized sports. My friend talked me into going out for Little League so I did that for a year. I was not very good, but it was alright. And my third year of high school I went out for soccer. Actually me and three friends all went out for it together but they all quit after a few practices. and I was the only one who stuck with it the whole season. I was never a natural athlete but we used to often play football or baseball informally on weekends and I could hold my own with most people.