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I had a mishap where I ran out of my meds for about four days during a holiday weekend, and I knew I wasn’t okay. Deeply considered hospitalizing myself by the third day of isolating myself in my bedroom. I knew I wasn’t stable to be around others. Wound up waking up in the middle of the night having bitten the bottom of my tongue about a 1/4 inch through. So I kept to myself until I could get to the pharmacy the coming Tuesday. The dumb physician’s office was quite rude with me, and I tried to explain that I need my meds ASAP, but they took their time. Eventually I got fed up with them and switched my prescription over to my psychiatrist’s office. I am NOT going through that again, and I’m switching physicians.


Psychiatric drugs are highly addictive and hard to get off from. Compounding chemist over many months or years it usually takes I found.


My sleep has been fine. I’m still oversleeping though. 10-12 hours. But maybe that’s because I’m out of work and have nothing to wake up for.


Don’t do it, my brother went off meds and became psychotic


You guys might recall my post that I made a day earlier about this matter. I was really suicidal, wanting to harm myself, and feeling absolutely out of touch from reality.
It was probably my worst choice (although my doctor has told me to do so) to not take my medication.
I honestly think I would have ended up in a bad state if I continued this way.


Thanks everyone for answering!


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I got back on weeks later stopping but needed a hospitalization