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I haven’t missed my AP dose in 18 months.


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I have been on antipsychotics constantly for almost 4 years. I haven’t stopped them since I began taking them. I reduced the dosages at times due to the horrendous side effects the medications cause me. I didn’t like the results. I can’t handle going off these medications at this point. I have been on them for too long.


The Last time I was hospitalized I only spent a few days there. But many other times that I was hospitalized, I spent weeks or up to a month.


Went off meds 4 months ago, I feel better now, smarter, no somnolence, I’m now actually able to solve problems and do something with my life.


I gained weight on Geodon, my A1c rose up to pre-diabetes levels, I developed akathisia and the beginnings of tardive dyskinesia. So, I slowly tapered off my meds (I was on both Geodon and Zoloft at the time).

I got massive withdrawal symptoms that started within a few days of going off my meds and lasted for months. Those eventually faded away, and then akathisia quickly faded and then the tardive dyskinesia luckily faded away later. My A1c dropped down into the normal range. I slowly lost the weight through exercise and keto dieting and intermittent fasting.

Unfortunately, hallucinations and delusions came flooding back. The difference is this time around I knew what they were, I had insight, and I had already been through DBT, CBT, and even ACT therapy group classes and I had developed the knowledge and coping skills necessary to deal with them. And I will admit that one of the controversial skills I learned was to keep my mouth shut around the wrong people. I learned who I could trust and who I couldn’t. And I learned not to say certain things around most people. I learned what NOT to say to keep me from being hospitalized.

There were a few problems along the way where I came close to stepping over the line. I even got arrested once for some very impulsive actions that I have since learned to avoid by waiting a long time before acting on an impulse and see if it still seems like a good idea, and usually it doesn’t after the passage of time.

I am so different and more experienced than the bewildered and terrified teenager I was when I first was diagnosed.


I was stable on my bipolar meds for nearly 7 years. I was attending regular 12 step meetings to deal with my addiction issues, exersizing regularly and meditating daily. I was doing so well that my psychiatrist started to question if I was actually bipolar, so I went off meds w his support. I promptly, on a whim, flew off to San Francisco for a film festival and within days was in full-fledged psychosis. I ended up in the hospital twice, the first time I actually went there myself by following the voices which led me to jump off the bus directly in front of the hospital. I also went to jail for a week and was hospitalized a second time. It’s been hard for me to maintain any kind of stability since then, and that was in 2015. During the entire year of 2018 I didn’t go to the hospital, but had I not had a dear friend to take care of me, I probably would have gone again.
Since then my original diagnosis of bipolar disorder has morphed into “schizo-affective, bipolar type.” I hear voices nearly every day now, which never happened before.


I have come off medication successfully without hospitalisation many years ago.

Once it even made me better.
That’s when I was in so many medications that were making me worse and that are illegal in most countries but not in Sweden back then.
My voices stopped then.:open_mouth:
When I came off them.

Then years later I was really delusional all the time .
Heaps of different delusions and a little bit of of paranoia .
I isolated.
Was lonely n exhausted.
I was hospitalised because I stopped drinking because I thought the water was poisoned .
I was dehydrated n walking around in a weird hat thinking weird things.
My dad took me to hospital.

I have been on medication ever since but was at one point on a tiny baby dose.
I’m on 120 mg latuda now.

When I was in olanzapine and tried quitting I got really sick.
I was ready to take myself to the hospital so I took olanzapine again and a sleeping tablet and immediately got better the next day.


I’ve gone off my medication a couple of times, and eventually it always seems to catch up with me. I might do alright for a little while, or at least that’s what i think. What’s actually happening is i’'m becoming more and more dysfunctional. I end up hurting myself a lot when i go off medication. And i usually end up back in hospital with or without my permission.


My mom threw out all my meds on impulse when I was 13. Sounds bad but it turned out good for me, I slowly became less suicidal and I was good for 3 years.

Then I was on meds after going to a community based acute treatment program, but couldn’t get an outpatient prescriber so I stopped and still did OK.

The behavioral sped school I had to go to after getting kicked out of mainstream school grated my every last nerve so as soon as I turned 18 I got a referral to see a psychiatrist (and not a nurse because I’ve gotten screwed over by 3 prescribing nurses) and I have not stopped meds since I was 18.


I thought I had recovered enough to stop my meds, and I was on the lowest possible dose so I just stopped. I felt amazing for about three months, then started to slowly decline, in a way that was barely noticeable at first. Before long, I was only getting out of bed for work, I was ignoring Mr. Star’s calls (we were dating back then), and I stopped doing any housework.

Eventually, I got involuntarily committed. I don’t think I really needed something that extreme, but my doctor did. She called an ambulance right from my appointment. I went back on meds, but it took another six months of increasing doses and adding new meds before I was able to function again. Now, I’m on a higher dose than I was on before to achieve the same level of functionality. After two years, they were able to lower me a bit, but I’m still higher than I was when I decided to stop meds. I will never make that mistake again.


Did your pdoc agree to let you off meds? Also did you lower your dose slowly???


Yeah, of course, IIRC I went with 5mg abilify during like 9 months which is a non-antipsychotic dose but it still gave me side effects, before that I took 10mg for like 2 years maybe, and before I used to take 9-6-3mg Invega during the course of 3 years.


I was only fully non-compliant for a day or two because the voices got worse fast. But I often was partially non-compliant on many occasions and I paid for it.


Wait so in order to taper off you took 5mg per day for 9 months and then stopped? I was on 3.3mg per day of invega.


Low functionality maybe. But i dont feel a lot of difference without APs. The paranoia, social anxiety and some delusions are still there.


Been off meds for a week now…so far so good


How are you sleeping since you stopped?


Typically after going off my meds there is a brief honeymoon period of 1-2 weeks where the side effects are gone and I feel really good. Then I crash, my symptoms come back and I’m a mess.

I’ve come off meds a lot. But I’m glad to say those days are behind me now and after 3 years of playing around I finally found my perfect med combo that totally manages my symptoms without giving me any side effects.