Anybody not on AP's?

I am taking my Risperidone but I hate it. I stopped taking it 3 years ago for a year and I looked and felt great! I had energy, I got down to my normal weight, my face slimmed down and looked much better. I was HAPPIER but then I got bullied by someone and it triggered an episode and I ended up in the hospital.
Anybody not on meds? or gone off your meds? How did you feel?


I stopped taking Abilify for 2 years and ended up in hospital.

Taking it is an insurance policy.


I never found the meds helpful, only horrible side effects. I was coerced to take them before and could be again. For now Im off them and I always do better off them, physically and mentally.


Lucky for you, you don’t end up in the hospital. I wish I could stay off my meds. I wish I would win Powerball so I could hire a babysitter to keep me from getting lost in the streets and acting crazy which is always how I end up in the hospital.

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I tried quitting my meds several times and always ended up back in the psych ward each time so I’m on meds for life. Both of my psychiatrists told me I have to take my antipsychotic for the rest of my life.


If I was off my meds, I would be in the hospital. :lizard::lizard::lizard:


Me, too. :open_mouth:


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I always end up in the hospital when I go off too. I hate it because they raise my blood pressure and cholesterol. I blame them for my Hashimotos thyroiditis and they also make me hungry all the time and slow my metabolism. I wish I wasn’t crazy and didn’t have to take these poison pills.

I’m off APs. My pdoc’s is aware and keeping an eye on me. I have done well this time.


I’m on a very low dose ! It’s almost like I’m not on them!!

I don’t even think this dose is any different than a placebo ! :joy:

It’s a miracle I’m incredible !!

I’m off meds. It’s only been about 3 weeks so far. I’m finding that I’m more emotional and my sleep is a bit all over the shop. Not sure how it will work out in the longer term.


Every time I go off meds I feel great until I don’t. It has always ended in relapse. I’m able to get by on a very low dose now thanks to CBT and therapy so it’s the next best thing to no meds and I can live with it.


90% of people relapsed in two years after being off meds and first episode psychosis according to some studies. I think it’s your underlying mental illness that triggered the episode rather than the bullying.

So far I have only heard of my friend who came off antipsychotics after one year and been well for over 5 years but he still hear voices

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Do you know the statistics after someone has had two episodes and comes off medication for a second time?

My second episode was triggered by stress and arguments, at work and with family.

I also hope to come off of medication again. Been back on Olanzapine for 7 months and looking to reduce to 3.75 in November.

Don’t want to rush this time, but would like to get down to 2.5 and stay on that for a while if all goes well.

How long have you been off?

I plan to go off my antipsychotic once my pcos treatment is over idk really just at some point when I’m able to cope with life better

When I have a better stress coping tool kit and feel psychologically more grown up in a matured way

When I was off my Risperdal, my sleep was better. I am back to not sleeping since I went back on. I know Risperidone is known for being sedating but I was sleeping more hours off it than on. I don’t know what to do.