POLL: Students gathering input for school projects on the forum

Right, since the irb is with the school , how would you know (@SzAdmin of this forum). If the project passed and was approved by the university’s irb?

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There ya go, how does one student or one szadmin pass this scrutiny worldwide? Red tape . minni rule would apply, if you don’t like it don’t click on it.

Although the NIH is in the United States, which bring me back to some confusion I confessed to previously.

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I think they do it to promote understanding of the illness. I think we should be flattered they consider this place credible enough to come here to do research.

Most of them probably think we’re a bunch of raving lunatics with no insight into anything. It’s nice that the minority take this forum seriously, some of the stuff people post on here is just plain silly.

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I believe the owner and seller of advertising is the NIH in Bethesda Maryland, United States, not the World Health Organization.

My mom would say possession is 9 points of the law.

I believe the NIH follows the WHO, or vice versa, but still szadmin is in the U.S. perhaps the WHO should advertise. Www.schizophrenia.com and the forums.

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Education is good. But I’m still paranoid. I don’t answer surveys. I’ve done one irl interview with a student. That I can do. If I don’t know who is the reciever of the information that makes me uneasy.

There are two sides on this matter. Education is good. More people should know more about sz. Like we’re not rabid lunatics running down the street screaming and fighting with everyone. That COULD happen, but it will be like so rare it will happen once a year maybe. And 1 out of 100 people have sz. That is many many people. We are 9 million people in Sweden. That is 90 000 people with sz.

chanses are there are people with sz at their workplaces, school or other activities that they don’t know about.

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The bottom line is whether or not this is a support community? @SzAdmin carefully steers non-family members away from the Family support forum. Do those of us with Sz get the same consideration, or are we a nice plump fruit to be picked from a tree for students and health professionals? Making us a research opportunity stops making this a safe place to share for a significant portion of this community.


But it’s run my the National Institues of Health, a research organization.

@NiceHat What’s run by the NIH?


@Moonbeam. That website , Which has a link to here, and its what is called ‘our forum’. I found the forum after finding http://schizophrenia.com/.

@NiceHat This forum is not run by the NIH, if that’s what you were suggesting.

Then who does? 12121212

I think the only person who should be allowed to post their school projects is me cause my life is dope and i do dope ■■■■

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To actually answer your question. No students shouldn’t come onto a schizophrenia forum for their school projects (besides me). Its the internet, they could literally pay someone 50$ to do the whole project for them. And btw college students and high school students suck anyway. A college student is practically a stuck up leech to society. I know cause i am one. I say we ban all college students (besides me)

The bottom line is no one is forced to answer research questions or surveys as part of participating here. Free choice as to whether or not to do so exists.
I have posted links to surveys etc in the past and saw nothing wrong in doing it. IMO it takes nothing away from the primary objective of being a support forum.

If people really are annoyed by the presence of researchers seeking information and the posting of surveys perhaps a solution would be to confine it to a research/survey forum that can only be accessed directly and doesn’t show up in the main list of posts(or is that too technically difficult). Then it would be up to the individual whether they chose to check out that forum or not.

According to current Forum Guidelines, researchers would need to get pre-approval from @SzAdmin

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I have no problem with helping out on the surveys and projects that are endorsed by szadmin. But there have been some students with truly ridiculous questions that border on offensive. And every fall and spring, there is a flood of new students. Some of them are just fine, but others are not, and I think there should be a screening process.


Of course these are all support communities - and one way we “support” people here is by helping the researchers and clinicians so that they can help us better. More and better research means more and better understanding, which means (ultimately) more and better treatments. If we don’t help the professionals help us, then you’re limiting how well and how quickly you can get.

I think generally - anyone in highschool or lower grades - we don’t want to support. Their papers can be done with just references and searches on the web - so I’m not inclined to help them.

Professional schools, universities - specifically graduate programs and research - are things I think we want to support, and at the same time we ask the person to post their papers so that people here can read up on them.

Does that sound fair?

And if someone posts a study / info request / survey - since many people don’t see the guidelines - please just flag it for me and I’ll review it and get the details on the study from the poster.


This is agreeable to me :ok_hand: