Survey/Research Topics

@SzAdmin can you make it harder for random people to come on here and ask for our experiences? This one guy came one 2 days ago, and REALLY triggered me, and put me in a bad place. Can you stop people from doing this?

I agree that would be nice. I like this being a place for people who have schizophrenia and family members of said people, not a place like reddit where people just ask “what is it like? Im trying to create a schizo character for my book and I wanna know how many personalities you guys have”…u wut m8? Ill bash ye fookin head in, i swear on me mum!

I personally don’t see the problem with genuine research topics so long as they have to go through vetting by Brian first before being allowed to post them.
I agree about the ‘i’m a student film maker and i’m making a film about a schizophrenic’ type researcher.

I think it’s good for a specialist to see what happens here, this can help for developing science but not for normal people.

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