I attend a very large research institution for college, one of the largest in the country, and the fact that the only research project I found regarding mental illness (depression) was out of funding (I tried to be a part of her lab but she had to cancel her research) is very worrisome to me. In psychology here we have tons of studies trying to find out if people are racist (race perception) how memories are formed, etc but no mental illness studies. Nada. Zip. And I DUG let me tell you.

Troubling indeed.


Perhaps things that apply to all people are more important.

There are still a lot of people doing research about every disease we know of. It’s just not so much in the academic setting.

Not to downplay the importance of it. But people who are still in school aren’t the best scientist. Maybe some of them have a knack, but not all. Perhaps it is just beyond the grasp of studies at that point.

I’m sure it varies from school to school.

Sorry for the lack of opportunity in regards to your interest.

Sounds like mouse has a better college in this regard.

People are trying rest assured. No need for concern.

Exactly, most of the research being done on mental illness is being done by pharmaceutical companies. This isn’t good, because there’s conflict of interest in that they have to find positive results that will help sell their medications. As a result you get skewed representations of how effective those medications really are.

I went to a presentation the other day by a woman who was pretty high up in an industry that performed research on treatment of numerous mental illnesses, and she ran a journal on the side that performed the same studies only non biased with no pressure or money to be made. Their results were often very different from the industry’s…

Academia provides an unbiased research environment. Also, 20% of the U.S. population is affected by mental illness, which is more than is affected by a lot of other studies going on here right now…

I know you’re right about different schools having different agendas though. I am just a bit grumpy that my school isn’t performing any of that research, ha.

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Those are good points.

The one about bias is interesting. Glad the lady could keep her job while doing such a thing.

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I aim to get the trade card and then study the ever living ■■■■ out of what is wrong with us. There are professors out there studying schizophrenia and psychosis. Kings college in London is one. The California psych PhD programs, USC, UCLA, Berkley, they all have them. There are more on my bookmarks but I’m on my phone.

Are you in behavioral neuro or psych? If so, what kind of psych are you wanting to get your graduate degree in? There are way more neuro programs studying the illness than clinical programs.


It’s just plain neuroscience right now, they don’t get that specific in the major here.

Then you have lots of options for grad school! I could give some links to neuro professors studying psychosis/schizophrenia if you want.

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Wow that would be awesome!! Thanks :smile:

Has it always been that way at your university? Sounds terrible.

I don’t know if there’s always been a lack in mental health research here but there is now, that’s for sure.