POLL : sarcosine evaluation


Based on your own experience, would you say that sarcosine globally :

  • improve the situation
  • worsen the situation

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There is another, earlier poll on this here:


There is a slight difference with my poll with the fact that sarcosine can worsening the situation more than it does not help.


it helped the situation. I just ran out and haven’t gotten anymore.


I take sarcosine since 3 month from 1g/day up to 2g/day the first three weeks. But since a few days, I’ve noticed some bad feelings like inner tension and panic attack-like anxiety wich could lead to psychtotic symptoms like derealization. May I reduce the dosage to 1g/day?


I wasnt on it long enough to tell but i feel like it just makes you feel activated. For me there was some unpleasant inner tension so i eventually stopped it. I was on it for abt a month so the benefit should have shown. If ppl are saying its good maybe ill try it again—but then again i probably wont.


The research says that some people benefit 1 gram per day or less. If I were you, I’d Definitely lower the dose if you think it might be causing some agitation or stress response.


When I take mine (4g per day, morning/evening), I just function better. I can mentally stack orders easily and don’t need to write stuff down. If I don’t take my sarcosine, I spend half my day going in circles and constantly have to double-check I’m taking the right amount of the right product to the right customer. The cognitive boost from this stuff is amazing. Wish every other supplement delivered on their claims like this one does.


Where do you purchase your sarcosine : Brainvitaminz or another provider?


Both polls give the same result : 60% approve sarcosine while 40% find that it can worsen the situation. It woul be interesting to know the causes behind disagreement. Maybe overdosage causes negative side effects. I will try a 500 mg/day dose because even at low dose of only 1g/day, I still have anxiety puff that strangely occurs always at the same hour.


That may be the case. Here is the result in one person that was documented in the research:

You might also try L-Theanine added to the mix, as people have had success with that.

During the first 2 weeks of sarcosine administration at 2 g per day, the patient reported improvement in overall activity, concentration, and mood. After a further 2 weeks, he reported moderate inner tension with mildly increased drive, excessive activity and irritability, and a significant increase in sexual tension. Further examination ruled out a diagnosis of hypomania. The patient found these symptoms to be very unpleasant and asked for modification of his treatment. The overall impact of sarcosine he described as positive, and therefore it was decided to maintain the sarcosine supplementation but to reduce the dose by half to 1 g per day.

After lowering the dose of sarcosine without changes in the dosage of his concomitant medications, the intensity of his excitation and irritability decreased, and the patient subjectively described his overall mental state as better in comparison with the period before sarcosine and treatment with 2 g of the amino acid.


More info about L-Theanine:


At which hour should L-Theanine be taken : on the morning or before sleeping to optimize its effects? Mixed with sarcosine?


The research seems to suggest that it takes 30 minutes for the L-Theanine to cross the blood brain barrier and I’ve also read that its benefits peak about 1 hour to 2 hours after taking - so if want the relaxation affect you would take it at the same time you take your other supplements (e.g. sarcosine).

for more info see this source where I got this info from:



and this:

Following oral intake L-theanine reaches the brain within an hour and is elevated up to 5 hours, which it then proceeds to get eliminated ultimately having no concentrations left at 24 hours post oral intake (4,000mg/kg)

From here:



how about trying magnesium it is suuposed to reduce irritabilirty and sound sensitivity


how about trying magnesium it is suuposed to reduce irritabilirty and sound sensitivity and has been used for autism for such side effects caused by excess vitamin b6


Didn’t feel ■■■■ neither good nor bad.


Can you provide the scientific references - that is, links from the research summaries from Pubmed.gov




here is the reference
however it mentions only irritability but i read somewhere that magnesium also helps in sound sensitivity .interstingly b6 also helps in nefgative symptoms so iut could be that mag could help users of sarcosine


was the link useful or shall i saerch for more