Your Experiences With Sarcosine?

Hello. What are your experiences with sarcosine? Did it help your negative symptoms and mood? How long did it last?

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How much do u take in a day…

I would also like to hear from the people taking it…

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Waĺla fish start taking sarcosine u are rich …man…!!!

I have taken sarcosine. Helps me to read. I did notice free taking it for awhile I did not feel the effects as much so I now only take it right before I have school work to do.

It didn’t help me at all.

For me, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. It’s short lasting anyway

There is a Poll here that 54 people have answered so far. Add your own response if you’ve tried it:

It could be better. It could be worse.

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I can’t function without it. It makes me less spacey and helps me be more productive and faster at doing things.

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It really did help me. After over a week on it I notice I am able to learn better in day treatment and watch much more movies and tv and have the motivation to spend my time better. I was already improving on my own for some reason but after the sarcosine I improved faster.

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I only noticed something after the first day I took it. Felt insanely happy and couldn’t stop laughing. Might have been placeabo. Never got that feeling again. Didn’t help with any other symptoms. So, I stopped taking it.

Terrible experience I took 1000mg 2x with nac 1000mg 2x bad anxiety still persist and readmitted depression wouldn’t recommend it however I never had schizophrenia prior to using

I didn’t notice a lot of difference until I stopped it for a couple of days- ooooo grouchy and life seemed grittier.
It smoothed out my ups and dows it seemed, like stuff didn’t bother me as much.
I only bought (the biggest size) once though, because I’m so terrible at ordering things.
How about an option to have an automatic reoccurring order every ? ( for however long it lasts) say 3 months or whatever time frame needed to ensure we don’t run out?..that way I could continue takng it.