Poll: How much has this illness decreased your cognitive abilities?

I couldn’t think of it in percentage.
But I think i have become an idiot

Eh. It is done now. People have voted. I say let them continue to vote, have fun, compare, and learn from one another.

In general, I’m not a big fan of the way things are normally done anyway.

Me neither. But when you decide to do things differently that normal, it generally helps to have an idea about what you’re doing and why. I’d like to vote if you make a more understandable poll, so tag me if you do.

It would be funny if a thousand years from now they discovered that SZ’s of many years ago were less intelligent but wiser. Measuring wisdom very accurately seems pretty far out of reach for today’s science. Some have tried to measure judgement, though.

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I would say I am 25% less than where I used to be with cognitive abilities.

I feel slightly dumb most of the time, currently I am working on a project at work in Excel and it is making me think and concentrate to a high degree that wears me out.

I used to have a pretty good ability to get zoned in on tasks but I feel like that has gone away largely.

Thanks for making this thread, it is a good way to address ones difficulty in thinking and processing things.

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You are welcome. I think it has helped me too.

Can you recommend any good free braining apps/websites for laptops. I don’t have a working smartphone. Even if it was working I’d only know how to make calls. I know there are sites like Brain HQ, Cognifit and Lumosity but their free games are very limited. I forked out for Cognifit but struggle to take it seriously as it gives erratic scores ie big fluctuations up and down within certain domains tested.

I tried https://www.brainturk.com but their progress indicator just seems to be based on how often you’ve tested their various categories. Apart from that there is a very basic ranking system ie not done by male or female,age group and country etc .

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I think we are wise from our experiences mostly.

I mean I didn’t gain wisdom much till I started meds. I only had the potential for wisdom because I had a lot of graphic experiences that changed me and humbled me. And when I started meds I was able to implement that wisdom into my every day thought. I wonder if there’s other reasons schizophrenics can be very wise or if it’s just these experiences we get.

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I don’t think I really have cognitive symptoms but delusions distort my perception of reality and impair my judgement and decision making abilities. So I am not the same man I used to be.

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I joined Mensa recently based on a general intelligence test I took before my first psychotic episode.

So, if I decide I need some kind of therapy or medication for cognitive improvement, maybe I’ll get my IQ tested by a psychologist, then pull out my Mensa card and say: “If my IQ isn’t above 132 anymore, I need cognitive remediation!”

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I definitely have experience a lack in cognition. It can be frustrating at times.
Sometime I have problems with being able to focus. Other times I just can’t get my words out.

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I do all mine on tablets.

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Quite honestly i don’t know the exact percentage by which i experience cognitive problems. It differs based on whether or not i’m experience psychotic symptoms. At the moment i feel alright, but there have been plenty of times where i’ve felt very dumb. It is very distressing, as i used to be a good student at school and i did very well during uni - so to suddenly feel as though you can’t organise your thoughts scares me.

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I took calculus I at a community college years ago during the summer and got an A. I know I couldn’t do that anymore. I mean that was when I was healthy. I don’t have the stamina or focus anymore. When I transferred years ago, I took discrete math (because I lacked the mathematical maturity and proof skills required for upper division math and I was an economics major) during the summer and I got a B. I got a B because I didn’t do well on the final due to lack of sleep and the daily quizzes were a ■■■■■. That class almost broke me! I felt like I wasn’t that smart and it felt like a never ending marathon. I learned classes are easier during the summer but move at a faster pace. I noticed cognitive decline around that time but I also learned community college didn’t prepare me for university. Community college is meant to be easier. In hindsight, I should have tutored calculus more and taken calculus based physics for the challenge.

I then took lower division linear algebra and differential equations again because my community college teacher was a joke and I didn’t learn anything. I passed with a P. It didn’t feel that hard but I also didn’t put much time into it. I did not do well on the midterms or finals.

I took calculus based probability and got a P and that was one of the hardest classes I ever took and even the teacher was really difficult. Probability requires a different way of thinking.

I took calculus based statistics and got a C+ in the summer and felt like the concepts weren’t hard but the R programming was a ■■■■■ to learn in the summer. I had zero prior programming experience before that. Again, I did horrible on the midterms and final. The TA for that class was amazing and without him I wouldn’t have passed.

I took upper division linear algebra and abstract algebra and both gave me a C. Abstract algebra is sometimes called modern algebra. It was too abstract and hard for me that I felt like switching majors to something easier! But I stuck with it. I never felt linear algebra was hard but I struggled a bit due to dementia-like symptoms and test anxiety. I learned that I never learned how to study. I mean I would just assume I could pass the tests based on the homework. Nope. The reason why I passed abstract algebra (teacher said I was good at it at one point–better than most of the students in the class) is because I did a lot of studying and practice problems like old midterms. it prepared me.

I took calculus based microeconomics and that was a great, fun class. I got a B+. I probably would have got an A- if I didn’t do horrible on the final. I was studying too hard for probability and such. I should have taken the probability class for a grade (would have got a C or C-, I think). I mean we had one girl walk out of the final crying. I often felt like the dumbest person in the class. That girl was probably smarter than me but I just had more grit/toughness.

College stressed me out and I wasn’t even schizophrenic at the time, but I had very mild symptoms of mental illness and cognitive decline. I’m a lot smarter now but sometimes I feel dumber. I know, it sounds confusing and contradictory. But the clarity in my mind and my memory waxes and wanes.

I know I could never go back to college and do what I did. I’m burned out. I’ve been constantly questioning reality for the past 7 years. The first 5 were a deep, dark, and personal hell. I think I had severe DP/DR and solipsism.

I see some of my former classmates as geniuses who went to graduate school and are now probably professors.

When psychosis hit me, I was taking logic, number theory, and real analysis. Logic was the hardest, most abstract of the three. I had a B in real analysis at one point but it all went down hill when the psychosis hit me. Luckily, I withdrew in time and I don’t have 3 Fs on my transcripts.

I still plan on studying math on my own. I don’t need college.

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For me I’ve gone through ebbs and flows of my cognitive abilities this last episode being the highest. Able to comprehend what I could read (more technical stuff being impossible) that slowly got better. And then there the fact that I’ve had difficulties reading aloud even a picture book to my nephew.

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@everhopeful. I have just started using NAC just recently. I was informed it would help with brain inflammation and oxidative stress so I gave it a try.
I have been sick lately so I am unable to tell if it is doing anything. I am going to keep taking it for now though.


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