Anyone else feel like they lost a huge chunk of thier IQ?

This may sound like an odd question and it may have to do with the fact that il just not who I was but It feels like Im not as fluent as I used to be, everything is almost conscious. I cant find something in alphabetical ordr because my mind keeps pulling me back idk how to convey it. I feel empty. No interests no hobbies no love only irritability.


I feel like i am retarted…


Same, I asked my therapist point blank one day if I was retarded. She looked shocked. I used to be a prodigy in art and music, and I was a very verbose writer. Now im an android


I go up and down sometimes I can think clearly and other times it is hard just to do simple tasks


I’ve lost 50 IQ points, talk about dumb!

Lol i attempted one of those online IQ tests and shut it down after 5 min, hahaha


omg lol, that’s too funny, yeah I was skipping plenty of questions. I was thinking this can’t be a good sign

In 2014 I had 118 then after my episode I went down to 110, I dont think these tests are the end all be all of intelligence in victims of circumstance Ie: schizophrenics or affectives, most of us were and still are in many ways, bright and intuitive people were just fractured in a million pieces and we need help keeping those pieces in place.

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I think you’re right for a lot of people but for me it’s a devastating blow. So much of my identity was always being the smartest in the room. But now I’m as dumb as a post. I don’t like it.


I dont like it either, that was kind of my deal, people would rely on me to be insightful and knowledgeable. Also sucks when before everything you were outgoing and vibrant


I do feel significantly less intelligent than I used to be. When I went back to university to try to finish my degree I couldn’t understand things I used to find simple

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@Morpheus_God_Of_Dreams @zenmind just one of the things that this illness has robbed us of.
I’m so sorry for your loss!

Funeral for our mind a moment of silence


I’m wondering if I’m coming down with Alzheimer’s. I’ll get up to do something, then I will have to stop and think a minute because I forgot what I was going to do. As for my intelligence, I usually score pretty well on the standardized tests, but for someone who is supposed to be intelligent I am the dumbest ■■■■■■■■■■■■ in the world. My lack of knowledge in a lot of areas is shameful. I have no practical skills. None. All I know about a car is how to drive it. My knowledge of computers is scant. I still do a little writing, but that’s the only area where I am competent, and it’s debatable how competent I am at that.

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I had a genius level IQ in 2003. Now I struggle to do simple math or to remember if I’ve already seen a movie or not. I try to explain this drop in intelligence to my doctors but in the past they’ve written it off as changes as we age (I’m only 40 for kripes sake!). My latest pdoc acknowledged the mental decline as a symptom of Sz and said it likely won’t improve. :frowning:

This old grey mare, she ain’t what she used to be…

Welcome to the reality of aging. Deal with it.

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Thank so much! Lol! I do get that aging does decrease cognition but mine seems to have dropped suddenly around my first psychotic break.

Have you taken an IQ test recently? My IQ actually dropped 32 points since I was 22 years old. I am 57 now. So, I know for a fact that I am dumber than I was. I was considered bright at one time. Now, I am merely mediocre.

I was ■■■■ at math before my break, right now im residual and everything is grey and bland

I would check in the cushions and under the couch. Sometimes it falls out of my pockets if I sit too long, esp. if watching that time sucking boob-tube.
Let me know if you find any extra spare IQ points, I think I’m withdrawn on my IQ account…