Poll: How many antipsychotics have you tested and are you satisfied?

How many antipsychotic meds have you tried out and are you satisfied with your medicine?

  • 1 to 2, yes im happy with it
  • 1 to 2, no im not happy with it
  • 2 to 5, yes im happy with it
  • 2 to 5, no im not happy with it
  • 5 to 10, yes im happy with it
  • 5 to 10, no im not happy with it
  • 10 to 20, yes im happy with it
  • 10 to 20, no im not happy with it

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In the past I was on Risperdal and that did Ok… until I quit meds… and messed myself up.

Haldol knocked me on my butt and caused a rash and all sort of other problems

I remember Clozaril when I was in hospital… that would really knock me out.

Geodon didn’t do anything for me…

I’m on Seroquel and Latuda now and things have been going really well for me on this combo.

I tried 6 or 7 APs.

As far as stability goes, I’m happy with Risperdal - very effective.

Have you gained any weight on Latuda? I increased in recently and have noticed a big appetite. I’m trying to keep it under control but I feel like I’m starving. :sweat:

I gained weight on Seroquel… but when that got cut back and the Latuda got added… I was able to get up and moving more… that helped drop the weight…

Due to Seroquel jacking up the blood sugar… I’m on Metformin… that is when my weight started to really drop back down… but at the same time… as a gardener… I have a pretty physical job.

I think the more movement and the metformin together helped me get my weight back down.

I tried four antipsychotics. Haldol was the worst followed by Abilify. I like Risperdal and Latuda. Risperdal works really well for positive symptoms for me but makes me gain weight, makes me lazy, makes me have no drive, energy, motivation, and makes me fat. I wish I could just be on Latuda but it isn’t strong enough.