How do you find which antipsychotic is right for you?

I’ve only been on risperdal and latuda. Risperdal 2mg in jail and then after being ruled incompetent to stand trial I was on 3mg in a state mental hospital. On that for a year after I got out then latuda 60mg which I’ve been on for about a year and A half.
Risperdal made me literally gain a hundred pounds from when I started to a year later, although I was underweight for my height when I started my pharmacological regimen. It also made me cognitively dull “a zombie” like a lot of people say.
Latuda has been great for losing weight and reclaiming my mental faculties prior to psychosis. But the extrapyramidal side effects suck. I just wish there was an antipsychotic with pro- cognitive effects, non sedative, and weight neutral. Its 2018, you think we’d have that by now . But I digress, based on the information I’ve shared with my personal reaction to antipsychotics does anyone have any recommendations or anecdotes to offer?

There is a certain amount of trial and error in finding the right antipsychotic for a person. I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for over decade, and they’re still handling my symptoms. They tried me on Latuda, and I was angry all the time I was on it. That might have been due to withdrawal from Geodon and Seroquel. I’ve heard some guys say that they find Seroquel too sedating, but it doesn’t do that to me. I can barely tell I’m taking it, but when I don’t get my Seroquel for a few days I get jittery. Both Geodon and Seroquel have been weight neutral for me. I gained a lot of weight on Zyprexa though. I gained sixty pounds if 120 days. That’s a half a pound a day. Zyprexa has been known to cause diabetes. I craved sugar the whole time I was on it. I slept a lot too.

It’s trial and error.

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You keep trying different ones until you find one you can tolerate.

Sadly I haven’t yet found one I can tolerate :disappointed: I am excited to try that new one that only targets seratonin receptors when it comes out, forget its name, as in the past APs that were most effective for me had higher seratonin receptor affinity.

ive heard people say geodon made them lose weight rather than gain, though ive never been on it so i cant vouch for it
im on abilify which works a tad different from other antipsychotics (ive seen it, along with rexulti and vraylar, referred to as 3rd generation antipsychotics), because while its a dopamine antagonist like other ap’s, its a partial agonist which in theory could potentially help with negatives. i also read this could help make extrapyramidal symptoms less likely to occur than in most ap’s. i personally dont find it sedating at all, as far as i can tell, no more than like, the prozac im also on so its not bad. i gained some weight on it, but ive seen other people say they lost weight on it. i would imagine rexulti and vraylar would be somewhat similar due to similar mechanism of action, so maybe one of those three would be worth trying?