Poll: Do you plan on trying the new Antipsychotic, Rexulti?

Do you plan on trying or maybe even switching to the new Antipsychotic - Rexulti (Brexpiprazole) anytime soon?

It is very similar to Abilify, but with less Akathisia and Anxiety - It is coming out sometime in the start of August.

  • Yes I plan on taking or switching over to Rexulti soon

  • No I do not plan on taking Rexulti anytime soon

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Depending on how positive the news is on Rexulti, I plan on possibly making the switch over from Risperdal.

Risperdal has a lot of side effects

I voted yes. It’s supposed to be out in the states right now. But I’m getting desperate. I can’t tolerate abilify.

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I’m really skeptical of trying new meds. You approve new meds very quickly in the US. I guess it’s pretty safe but still scary. I voted no but I might try it in the future.


I voted no. Doing pretty well on Xeplion

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Let us know how it works for you.

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I’m seeing my pdoc in October then I’ll find out from her when it’ll be available in South Africa. I’m currently on Abilify but I’ll definitely give it a try when it becomes available here.

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The clinical studies and the history of this med doesn’t map itself out as a gamechanger tbh.