Rexulti New Medication

Has anyone tried Rexulti? My p-doc just gave me some samples because i’ve had terrible side effects on other medicines.I wanted to see has anyone tried it yet?

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Not available in Europe yet, I want to try it though. Can you let us know how you find it.

How’s the weight gain on this? I would try it if the weight gain isn’t bad.

I was tracking it for a while now, and posted about it many times, but I dont think that I will try it now - too similar to Abilify, and I had a hard time with Abilify.

Im keeping my eyes on another new drug coming out soon, Cariprazine - I may ask my pdoc about it.

Keep us posted on how you do with Rexulti @Brea99 - if you dont mind.

I go to a mental health facility and they had samples.I was very excited because I was running out of options.It seemed like it was always something with the medicines akathasia ,weight gain, or fatigue.She said its like abilify but without the akathasia, I’ll monitor it and let you guys know how it goes.If it makes me gain weight too much its back to the drawing board because I gained over 100 pounds on saphris and cant afford to have that happen to me again


I will, and do you know when Cariprazine is coming out?

Im not sure, but I think around March 2015

I really hate abilify. The anxiety becomes unbearable at times. But other than that it keeps me sane. I’m hoping rexulti is basically abilify without anxiety.

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The same thing happened to me! It was a nightmare. I’ve now given up on all 2nd gen antipsychotics and stick with the older ones. I hope this new one works for you!

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