Rexulti anyone?

I went to see my pdoc today and she asked me if I wanted to try samples of Rexulti.
She’s going on vacation soon so I told her that I wasn’t ready to try it right now.
I just may try it when she comes back in Early September.
I want her available when I try it.

Is anyone on Rexulti now?
Or has anyone tried it?
I also want to know the difference between Rexulti and Abilify.
Anyone try both meds?

Risperdal is fizzling out a bit and it has lots of unwanted side effects.

In the meantime she raised the Depakote.

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Anyone at all? Bump.

My doctor has suggested me switching from abilify to rexulti, I would be interested to hear about it too

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Why is your doctor wanting to make you switch from Abilify to Rexulti?

I’ve been having problems with internal stuff, plus I have really bad obsessive thoughts and she said she thinks it may be from the schizophrenia and would like to see if rexulti would work better for me

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Abilify made me very anxious and I found it to be very activating.
I wonder if Rexulti will be the same way.

I take rexulti. It really helped me stop obsessing about killing myself and helped me from staying in bed all the time. I don’t notice any side effects from it. I think it’s a really good med.

I took abilify and I developed a bit of tardive dyskinesia and I don’t know what else it would have done because they took me off it really quickly when the movements started.

I’m glad that Rexulti is helping you @tera.
Did Abilify make you anxious too?
What are the differences between Rexulti and Abilify for you @tera?

I don’t remember what the effects of abilify were other than the tremor and lip pursing. I was basically unaware of the pursing but others were noticing it and the hand tremor was annoying when I was trying to use my hand. Both things were getting worse the longer I was on the Abilify, but slowly started to go away after stopping. Now the pursing isn’t that bad, so in a way I guess I’m lucky.

The rexulti might not be that strong for the positives because I was still having quite a lot before I started the saphris. Now that I take the rexulti and the saphris I’m ok. I still have my “guest voices”, which don’t bother me that much, they’re sweet really. And the occasional tactile hallucination, which I’m really prone to and very used to.

If I had to recommend a ap my recommendation would be saphris. You definitely know you’re taking it. But from what I understand it’s in it’s own little niche. It seems like it works for people who don’t have luck with other aps. And when it works it works really well. I like it a lot. I notice if I’m late for taking it. It really helps me out.

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Is saphris the ap you have to take in liquid form?

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saphris is a tablet under the tongue, then nothing in your mouth for 10 minutes. The taste is horrible and it wont go away. And it stains your teeth so you have to brush extra. But it works so…


Saphris is another one I didn’t try.
Going to ask her about it.
Thanks for your input @tera! :slight_smile:

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I take Rexulti. Almost nothing else helped with my auditory hallucinations. I’ve been able to lose weight on it, if that’s important.

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Wow, glad to hear that it works for you @IndustrialLad!

Thanks, Wave. The weird thing is it helped some at first, then didn’t, now it’s helping again. Maybe it’s just something with me and my unusual brain chemistry.

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Have you taken Abilify before?
If you did - what are the differences between both?

I have been on Abilify. It didn’t seem to do much for me symptom-wise. I don’t think it had any bad side effects.
I’ve been on so many AP’s that didn’t work for me that a lot of them blend together in my memories.

So anyway I can say that neither had bad side effects.

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