My Pdoc asked me if I wanted to try Rexulti

My psychiatrist asked me if I wanted to go on Rexulti.
She said that its different than Abilify and should cause less Akathisia and Anxiety.

I told her that I wanted to think about it for a while first.
She knows that there is a big part of me that had enough of staying on Risperdal, too many side effects.

I just may decide to make that switch.

I’m not sure how much longer I can handle abilify 's Akathisia and Anxiety. I’d be switching now to at least try it if it was available in Europe.

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keep us updated @Wave i’m curious about rexulti

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Rexulti is not yet available in my country but I will also deffinately give it a try once it become available. Let us know when you decide to make the switch and how it goes.

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I would also wanna try it when it’s available in my country.

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If I decide to make the switch over to Rexulti, I will update everyone on how I’m doing with it.