Poll: Do you consider your unusual beliefs to be real?

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I have what others would consider unusual beliefs, but consider them to be real.


I know they’re false, but I go ahead and believe them anyways. It’s a paradox.


I’m struggling to answer this because I know they’re false, and I’m just being crazy, but I can’t let go of them and believe them anyway.


Which particular unusual belief are we talking about? Fact is usually stranger then fiction.


I can’t let go of my unusual beliefs until the world stops looking like a chaotic ball of ****


My delusional beliefs seem so very real. For many years I never ever doubted them. Sometimes they subsided, at other times they became quite intense. They dictated my life, they dictated my emotions, they dictated what I did or didn’t do, it was just awful.

Eventually, I decided to face my delusional beliefs. I decided to stand up to them and take back control. The rule was simple: “Never believe any delusional thought”. Sometimes they will seem very real, there might be positive incentives to believe the delusional thoughts, it might be fun to believe the delusional thoughts, but never believe them.

It takes work sometimes, because even though I don’t believe the delusional thoughts, part of me sorta kinda believes them. Still, no matter how ‘convincing’ the delusional thought feels or seems, I deny it fully to the best of my ability. I’ve had a lot of success with that simple rule. Life has vastly improved.


I just put things in Unusual Beliefs because of gut feeling that they’ll be moved there anyways.


Amazing post with amazing advice. Thank you for this.

Yes, I believe my delusion. Even if I try not to, I would be faking it. My delusion is very strong although there are times when I can go a few hours without thinking about it. If you believe you are in a world-wide brain study being watched by everyone and that everything around you is fake and staged, it’s hard to get out of your head because you’re conscious of it everywhere. Nonetheless, I do have periods of time when I don’t think about it for awhile. I am considering trying a new med but I am gun-shy especially since I am free of psychosis and stable. I’m afraid to rock the boat.

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I would say yes with no meds but the meds take it away and eventually bring me back to reality. I always believe my delusions for awhile some take minutes to overcome some months.

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I said I believe my unusual beliefs. I believe my grandfather’s ghost and now many more live in my bedroom closet. they peek or leak out sometime when I am having trouble going to sleep. they get face to face with me. I pray them away.

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If none of us had at least some inkling that our beliefs were true I don’t think we’d be on this forum

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I believe with all my heart that Donald Trump will go down in history as the greatest president ever. He’s our smartest, kindest, most tolerant, fairest, president that has ever graced the office.

And he’s got great hair…

And he doesn’t ever let his ego get in the way on tough decisions.


Me too. When people tell me Alien isn’t real I get upset, and I can’t think my mother in law is not out to poison me, shes just waiting for a time to get me alone. Its crazy I know - I know its delusion but I can’t help feeling its real too.

I have a few delusional beliefs. And I know they are delusions but, I believe them anyway. I consider them to be real. I haven’t watched TV or movies in over five years because of my delusional beliefs. Nothing, not commercials, not even the news. Sometimes I’ll watch videos of rain falling or videos of babbling brooks, but that is about it.
My delusions revolve around the idea that the “powers that be” in Hollywood are trying to force their pro gay and anti female agenda onto society through their news, advertising and television programming and movie productions. I see evidence of my delusions everywhere throughout the media. So, I cannot participate by being a viewer.
My delusion also sees a pro Jewish, anti Christian agenda in Hollywood and the media as well.
I believe this is all very, very real.

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I only have the evidence of my senses, but they sure seem real to me.


Off meds yes, on meds I come to the realization that it’s all in my head so the delusions cannot be real. It may be because subconsciously I’d like to believe I’m not crazy and some of it is real. I keep reminding myself if telepathy was real, there’d be empirical evidence by now, yet there is not, so it cannot be real. I used to think that in the future people would find some evidence of our brains picking up different wavelengths but it seems our brains just produce chemicals differently. I imagine Sookie from the series True Blood and how hearing all those voices at the same time could drive anyone crazy especially not knowing who or where they’re coming from, well it is maddening but unlike the show, the voices aren’t real.

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Idk how to answer this. My unusual belief is that I’m hurt when ever I think of people having good motives when they do bad things. It’s more of a fear/emotional pain that I associate with a particular thought then a belief I think.

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I had to click false as it’s the case at the moment
but ask me age 17 - 39 and it would have been a yes

I mean this all the time - not in episodes just a chronic misreading of events