What are your unusual beliefs?

I think that my Mom’s little dog is the reincarnation of a small child. To be entirely fair though my meds weren’t working well when that one started but it still makes sense. Not to the point where it’s a belief but sort of a thought, like someone would think about reincarnation. The dog is very smart, loving, energetic, everything a good little kid is. She even throws tantrums sometimes. And by tantrums I mean she get’s mad and poops in your room. Trust me, she had enough oppertunity to go outside. This is on purpose.

Could you please describe your odd beliefs? Do you still have them on meds, are they sort of like mine (not there but still make sense), or are they gone? I’ve been asking a lot of questions because from being on here and trying to write my story I’ve started to feel like I’m a very weird sz. If I don’t hear voices or have delusions am I really sz? I mean I need the medication to keep them away but I got dosed before they ever got anything like they are for anyone else. I feel normal most of the time. It wasn’t until I said something about the blinking I started to realize there are probably a whole bunch of things I do that are sz that I don’t even realize.

So I’m going on a multi post thread to try to learn as much about how everyone else ticks to see what makes me tick. I just feel so stupid and alone because I feel like it isn’t as bad for me as it is most people and I feel guilty about it and I feel alone because I feel only half way sick. Like I’m sick but I’m not at the same time.

So please, whatever you can tell me about your delusions would help. The whole story. Maybe I’ll get (un)lucky and I’ll realize I have the same thing going on.

My delusion: I believe my memories of past lives are real. My only positive symptom.

Do you want real or imagined?

Real is being targeted.

Unreal is that we’ll get out of it.

Thank you.

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My delusion is that there are infected angels brought here form other worlds that are able to enter into your higher mind. I believe they hold thousands of souls within them. Once they are inside of your higher mind they release a soul for every lifetime you have ever lived or reincarnated. I then believe that they are trying to allow a soul in this group to become you so he/she can remove the programming in their higher mind. This soul that is becoming you has become himself more times than many others in this universe but was told he could not become something again. Once he becomes himself inside of you your soul will become nothing again. He will have a new skin suit and will be able to make copies of himself in others that he can remove their souls and become himself without ever having to be reborn. Oh and to top that, he has used these infected angels to remove the souls of every person on this planet except those they have chosen and replaced them with a soul that will just leave when the time is right killing 90% of the population. They are coordinating this effort by a means of a transmission that is in the veil, telling them each time how to become themselves again and again.


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I have a few unusual beliefs. My current one is, I’ve been told, that I believe that there is something wrong with me. Wrap your head around that one.

My other usual belief is that there are signs being given to me that hold a special meaning. It was really bad when I was on facebook and the adds and updates would come in every few seconds.

After all this I feel pretty lonely after all I have no help from anyone.

Well I believe many higher minds are soulless. Does that make me crazy? ??

Codes and signs are common no frets. Just keep on med sand don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

My invisible, silent observers that read my mind. They’re always with me.

Yeah I literally sat there for hours binging on the facebook feed. Over stimulated myself it was stronger than any drug I’ve ever taken. I’m sure there were factors leading up to that point but I don’t know what they were. I guess I like were it went but I can’t take it any further than that.

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I had a trait similar to yours for awhile. You mentioned nodding and blinking to show respect. Before the right medication kicked in, I would feel a compulsion to nod at people when greeting them. My delusions included thought broadcasting, telepathy, being targeted, paranoia about my home being invaded and my food being drugged to cause hallucinations, that Satan worshippers were summoning demons to chant things over and over to me, that spirits were talking to me, that alien technology and the FBI were testing thought control on me. I was a real mess.

But then a series of drug trials ensued until the latest one, Latuda, has made me almost normal for a while. I am working and living on my own. So I tried working close to full time hours, but was hit with waves of depression, anxiety, paranoia and the return of louder voices that had been almost silent. So I had to cut back to 20 hours or less. But lately, positive and negative symptoms have increased. I am just thankful for a 3 day weekend to hopefully calm things down. Still figuring out that this illness is really here to stay. But my case is milder than many I have read about.

The angel that carries these souls are all connected together overlapped on top of one another. They are in a constant state of mind fog and have no idea about anything. it’s like a dream that you can not wake up to and all they hear all day is your mind over and over again, they get lost in your thoughts. The soul is divided into two parts the lower soul and the higher soul each with their own minds hence lower mind, higher mind. The higher mind is encased in a treemend that acts as a library to your life times and your higher mind is the librarian. The thing is you now have 10 to fifteen people all standing in your library all confused and messed up with your thoughts.


I’ve done that. The mind becomes unhinged by the feedback. .see John Nash.

I do believe in reincarnation… and that I can remember past incarnations… that people in my life traveled with me before.

I still struggle with believing I can predict the future. That I’m supposed to become a Zen master.

I used to believe kidnappers were after my younger siblings… and I had a huge thing about kidnappers… it gets triggered with any catastrophic thinking… and sometimes it comes back.

I also used to believe that I could heal people by just laying on of hands… just reach out and heal them.

Another thing that makes it hard… many of my false memories have become woven into my real memories and it makes it hard for me to recall my life

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That that illustration of the eye over the pyramid on the back of a one-dollar bill is a not very subtle message to those of us “bricks” below it.


Not many and they arent so unusual but i believe that God is in control of every action that is taking place, that everything is destined to be and that there is no free will. other than that i dont have any unusual beliefs.

I believe there are invisible forces at work in mental hospitals.

Me too. I believe our paranoia comes from past lives and is confused with this reality. You can’t predict the future but you think you can. It’s just that your past life is so similar to this one that you get confused. Same body, similar time frames, similar events, but different personalities, and different outcomes. Have you heard of past life therapy?

I’ll give you an example of what I mean. I was paranoid that my dad was in the mafia and my step dad was in the CIA. The thing is they are not but in a past life they were and terrible things did happen. But my mind or consciousness has two realities overlapping and confuses me. So my paranoia is justified but wrong. I think this can explain schizophrenia. I know it’s pseudoscience but that’s how it makes sense to me.

Another expel is I remember recovering from an illness ( maybe schizophrenia). I remember coming back years later to the mental hospital I go to. I remember showing pictures to a mental health worker showing pictures of my graduation from Stanford. I told her I was a physicist working on building a worm hole with a team of scientists and working with the government. Maybe it was just a dream world but it did feel real and I do have that memory ( have had that memory for many reincarnations). It’s one my most pleasant ones. I don’t remember if I fully lived that life or if it was just a glimpse. The thing is I am interested in quantum physics but don’t have the intelligence anymore. But I think it’s interesting that the two personalities overlap. I like to think its real. It makes me feel better because I’m a failure in this reality. Also, if you read that link about parallel universes I posted, we do reach unlimited potential in at least one universe as all actual realities come into being in the multiverse ( assuming that theory is true).

Here is the link in case you didn’t see it:

Thank you for that… it is something I ponder…

I’d hate to think there is a me out there somewhere who has it worse.

I do believe I reincarnate pretty slowly… not a lot of life experience.
I also believe my kid sis reincarnates pretty quickly… that’s why she seems older then her years… she’s lived more.

I still believe I can predict the future… there are some things I was right about… even when the doctors were wrong. I don’t see next weeks winning lotto numbers… but there are some bigger things that I can see coming.

I believe there is a male person inside my head inserting thoughts into my head and sometimes speaking to me. His name is Alien. Most of the time he is silent because of the meds working, but sometimes he makes himself present.

I used to think people could read my mind. I also thought people on the TV and radio were talking directly to me.