Poll: Cell Phone Usage - please respond

Hi Folks.

I was wondering how many of you have and use smart phones.

Do you have a smartphone (a phone that I can surf the web or download apps onto).

  • yes (Apple)
  • yes (Android)
  • no
  • unsure
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I’ve got two android smartphones and an android tablet that I use to access the site, in addition to the desktop and laptop running Windows 8.1.

In fact, I didn’t have a smart phone/cell phone for a short period of time around 2 years ago.
I didn’t need one, because I didn’t have any relationships nor anything to do with one, and I didn’t go out anyway.
But as my illness gets better, as I start having relationships with ppl, I realize I need one.
It’s hard to maintain relationships without one, so I thought getting a smart phone was the right decision for me.

Good deal on a smartphone, though they’d have to pay me the $30 to use an Apple product. I got my laptop cheap, it’s pretty nice but old.

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Accessing site thru following devices:

  • iPhone 4s
  • Nexus 7 Android tablet
  • iPad
  • Chromebook
  • Windows 7 desktop
  • Linux desktop
  • Windows 8.1 laptop

I use the Chrome browser on all devices/systems.


I use Chrome on my android devices and Firefox on the Windows ones.

i do have a droid, does that count ?
take care


These are not the droids that you are looking for.



Totally off-topic random thought. Why does C-3PO even have arms? Has he ever actually used them?


I think he may have clubbed a few Ewoks off-camera. They were probably Apple users, though.


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I have a cricket phone but not a smart phone. I miss my smartphone.

If I had a smart phone I would break it in a month. I have a phone that folds up - tough cookie. It fits in my front pocket easily too.

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i had an apple iPhone and an iPod but i was stupid and sold the iPod for cheap and traded my iPhone in for spares so i got an android smart phone and then sweep bought me a macbook and now its all incompatible lol

I use an iPhone 5S to access the site. My computer is broken.

The pay-as-you go with Verizon and ATT are both good. Just make sure your area has good coverage. Att can be limited out west. Runs $45-65 a month smartphones with 2gb data without contract. In city, could pay cash at ATT in-store kiosks but some cities do not offer this instead you get 30 minute wait in most ATT stores to get to a human…Credit card really helpful to just do auto monthly payments.

Got used Iphone for $75…The Iphone 3 is too touchy on chargers. Had to replace charger over and over, internet had tons of complaints about these,Just upgraded to little newer used Iphone…Wanted hotspot ability…

Buying used phone, have to make sure you are purchasing phone for the correct cell company with best coverage for your area. Stores are supposed to legally unlock any out-of-contract phones but have not seen this myself so cannot confirm. Bought mis-advertised phone (still locked) once myself and went through three months of trying to unlock before I gave up and went with required network.

samsung s5 …

I can access this site from my Android. Honestly I don’t know how users do it all the time without running out of patience lol A tablet ok but cell phone…

I have an iphone - I also have had Android cell phones. In my opinion, Apple is a superior product - no comparison