Do you use tablet/phone/computer to access this forum?

I use a tablet. I like to have a slow start to the day by checking the Internet in my bed until the first meds/coffee kicks in. When I am out I use my phone.

Just my phone, but I use my phone for everything, I haven’t touched a laptop for years.

Edit: I think I might be getting RSI in my wrists from all the mobile Internet use, seriously!

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Tablet. 90% of my internet use is on the tablet these days, most of the rest on my phone. I basically only use the computer for online banking.

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I use my phone,sometimes computer,mostly phone though

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I use ipad
It is easiest as I can sit back

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I use a desktop computer.


That’s my morning too… only I’m on a lap top.

Mostly a computer. I will check in by phone when traveling thanks to volunteer moderator duties, but I’m no fan of it. I do have a decent 7 inch tablet, but it’s mainly used for playing pinball and as an eBook reader.


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I will mainly use my laptop, but will from time to time use my smart phone

Most of the time I use my phone.

Desktop. But I’m going to buy a laptop within the next few weeks.

I use my Chromebook or iPad

I use my phone.

Yay, iOS 9 is coming to my phone and tablet after all!

Mostly phone because I can lay back and type,I use the Tab mainly for games.

I use my computer…unless I’m out of town then I use my tablet.

Desktop computer is all I have.

I use a desktop I built myself.


I use to enjoy building pc’s then I took a break for a few years and the technological leap that happenednin that time left me behind.

Now im slowly figuring out how to maintenance tablets.

I’d like to fool around with iPhones-open them up, replace parts etc.