Poll: Cell Phone Usage - please respond

Wave - which phone do you use most often? Are both your phones active (i.e. do you have service for both ones - that seems expensive).

Hi @SzAdmin, No my current phone is an iPhone, I have had Androids in the past- I only have one phone
I do access this site many times with it

I don’t really use my phone for anything but work. It’s a smart phone because I need to access email. Other than that, I hate the thing. It annoys me. I get lots of wrong numbers for the previous number owner and the battery dies so quickly because it’s constantly dinging about stupid notifications for games, email, phone updates, etc. It’s an Android Samsung Galaxy S4. The AT&T guy talked my husband into one and I liked it’s size, I didn’t know the thing was so difficult to use and obnoxious. I hate smart phones. Can’t we go back to flip phones and playing frogger with the arrow keys? :smiley:

i have an iphone, but i rarely access this site with it. i leave it at home more often than not, though i realize that’s counter to having it. i have a lot of concerns about technology in general and things that are handheld tracking in particular.