Poll= As a sz patient is it good to keep a facebook account?

  • Yes must kept
  • No psz patient shouldn t keep facebook account

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İ mean in my case i always find a stupid arguments to humiliate myself and this things keep away my friends away from me.what do you guys think?

It really depends on your own personal preferences, triggers, symptoms, and coping styles.


I deleted mine because it made me too paranoid. But that doesn’t mean others can’t handle it. I think it’s very individual


Yeah I became too paranoid so I deleted my account right away but many people with SZ handle it well.

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Depends on a number of things.
Do you tend to get paranoid about social media things?
How is your impulse control? Do you think before posting?
Emotional control? Do you tend to post overly emotional responses or posts?
Psychosis symptoms? Do you tend to post (for lack of better words) incoherent nonsense or tinfoil-hat things you’ll later regret?
Do you get into arguments easily?


@Pikasaur İ usually good responder to the posts but sometimes i share my unusual thoughts about politic etc and that make me weird person towards my friends.only problem is this.

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I don’t even use mine. I have no idea how to delete it or I would probably

I use mine a lot. It’s really dependent on how you are as a person and how you can cope with things.


Can you delete your FB and still get on fb messenger?

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I’m not sure @Loke
Maybe @ZmaGal would know?

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You need a FB account to use messanger


I deleted my Facebook account…twice. I don’t need it. If I want to talk to family or friends I can call them up. I have enough social media through this site.


I use mine but have considered deleting it. Nothing but crap on facebook usually.

I’ve just deleted my FB. It’s not the first time but I think this time it is permanent. It’s just pointless information and I don’t like Zuckerberg.

You can deactivate your account instead of deleting it. That way you can keep messenger.

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There should be a middle option. It was bad for me initially when I was delusional but I could open one now and manage it without problems. I’ve just been hesitant to do it because of how confrontational I get over politics.

I have an account, but I rarely visit the app. Not even every day.

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