Poll: Are your mornings bad?


I wake up and feel like I both have a hangover and that I’ve been punched in the head. This hangover lasts about 5 hours.

I spoke to my psychiatrist about it and we increased my abilify to 15mg. This seemed to help for a while but now it’s business as usual.

Just wondering how many others have bad mornings.

  • Have bad mornings
  • Don’t have bad mornings

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When I wake up I move/walk slow as a zombie :zombie: “Coffee, more coffee” I also have bad mornings


Generally mornings are my best time,

I’m most productive and have less symptoms.


I feel better after I’ve just woken up.


If I’m allowed time to myself to sit and sip tea or coffee and listen to my music and come on or facebook and just wake up slowly I enjoy my mornings. If I have to jump up and get ready and be expected to think and function it’s bad, very bad. So I didn’t no how to answer the poll.


I agree with @leaf. When I drink my morning coffee and have some alone time before my daughter wakes up I’m good. When she wakes up when I do I have a hard time jumping straight into mom mode.


They are. I never feel well rested, and my symptoms are the strongest. Also, I’m going through ativan withdrawal right now so it’s even worse.


If I leave the blinds open over night, I feel better when I wake up than if I were to keep them closed. Also more productive, ect.


I am super tired in the mornings. It takes me forever to wake up, and I won’t be able to focus or stay awake without either coffee or having to do a bunch of stuff that requires me to keep active. I feel drowsy and sluggish for a few hours after I’ve woken up.


I’m in-between. I used to love mornings when I had my jobs, it was time to be alone and enjoy my coffee and music. Now, since I do nothing all day, I spend my mornings just dreading the boring day ahead.


I wake up everyday before 7 AM to change my grandfather’s diaper. So I have to have a good morning. I get my caffeine and a few cigarettes in after I take my medication and I’m good to go for a few hours. There are no vacations and no breaks with me. It’s a 365 day a year job.


me too. This is why I sleep very early.


I wake up wishing I wasn’t alive or wish I was dead and want to sleep forever. I get up, start my day like a robot, and life sort of feels fake. Exhausted from my daily symptoms but insomnia takes over and i dont fall asleep until 1am.


I used to have terribly slow mornings when I used to take Latuda. But now Ive had a medication change so as long as i take ads in the mornings I can get moving and be somewhat productive.


Actually, early morning is a good time for me. I love to get up around two or three o’clock and putter around my room for a few hours.


I hate mornings getting out of bed feels like a death march :skull:


my first emotion in the morning is “I can’t have a cigarette” and then I lie there getting angry about it…trick I learned is not to lie there but get up and pop a piece of nicotine gum…problem solved…personally I don’t like to interact in conversation until I get a good cup of coffee in me…Ange is just a babbling brook in the morning full of laughter and good vibes so it’s hard to be in a bad mood around her.


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