Please help me on this! Why my mom speaks like this?

she says that ill be forever ill and probably forever alone! Why she speaks like this? Why the closest ones of my ill friends talk to them differently?

You are 34 years old. You should stand your ground more, and don’t let your mother dictate your life…

Yeah but what if you had a mother who was talking to you like this? Do you think its normal? god, i dont need this when i am bad…maybe we all need support. my ill friends have it, why not me? am i sicker or what?

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You are not sicker, and you deserve compassion. I’m sorry that your mother speaks so rudely with you. Maybe she has given up hope, but you mustn’t lose hope !!

yeah, she lost hope, that’s for sure. but the parents of my best friend never lost hope for her, its unfair…

Sorry for my insistence but, another time i have the same problems that you have. My mother, she takes away all my illusions, she listens to me, she is with me every day and she does all the things when I need her help, but she never supports me, she reminds me that I’m sick every day and that demoralizes and complexes me at the same time.

Anyway, i love her.

Maybe she talks that way to you so she doesn’t feel any guilt for not being supportive throughout your life.

atoru, the same here. My mother made a lot more than a lot of mothers outside. I know even cases where the parents throw out their kides once they knew that they are ill. maybe i should realize that i have to love her more me too, yes. But tbh, sometimes i dont feel love because i am apathetic or just angry. Maybe finally people are just as they are yeap :/…
Idk kindness but it was you who told me that we should accept the others as they are and that even the parents love has its limits isn’t it? But its hard yes. I find hard my illness now… i do so few things in the day that it scares me for my future, that’s why i come here and complain…
hugs guys :slight_smile:

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What are your hobbies Anna ?

I just play some games on the laptop and reading. no hobbies, no energy for any hobbies…

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I don’t have energy for anything right now… I have strong negative symptoms.
But if you can play some games and read, it’s already cool.

Have you tried some brain games too?

Yes, i play sometimes neuronation and lumosity. I find neuronation harder than lumosity wow…:slight_smile:
In fact sometimes i have the energy but then it will be the reality of nonexisting positive emotions. Maybe it will come with time and more activity, i am not sure. I just hope that meds are not an emotional killer too.

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I’m sorry to hear what you are going through…
We need positive emotions too… social life can help.
Also, reading good books maybe helps you a bit?

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Andrey, can you give me an advise for a good brain game on google play?

I don’t really play brain games…
But this one is interesting. I liked it.