Lunch with mom

I wanted to share this to have others to appreciate the irony with me. I was eating with her and we were talking about my friends who were struggling with mental health issues or had family members who were. She said to me “Well thank god all of you turned out normal, because you know your dad doesn’t believe in any of that stuff!”

LOL. Meanwhile I’m over here with two disorders she doesn’t even KNOW about because she never bothered to take me in for any of my issues or what she called “weirdness” and when I tried bringing up that I was even in therapy she was just like “ok” and changed the subject after telling me I’m not “crazy” crazy people are the ones who live on the streets. I’m like maybe the reason you think we’re all NORMAL is because you don’t want to see us as anything else and because dad doesn’t believe in therapy so we could never get the help we needed!! You can’t ever be diagnosed with cancer if you never go to the doctor right??

Unbelievable. I love my parents but their ideas of mental health and its maintenance need some serious fine tuning. Does anyone else have parents this frustrating??


My mum in times of strife brings up my drug taking past and says it is my own fault I got ill. Also one time I was in the psych hospital then got released. On my way home in the car my mum said that her and dad where so happy when I was in hospital and about how they had been so upset when they found out I was getting out. Way to go mum

I 'm sorry for both of you!!! I am very pissed of today by everyone, my friends and parents and it’s one of those days I hate my life (except from the morning that I was feeling a bit okay). (99% of the days I am like today after morning, but a little bit milder). I hate people who don’t have a mental illness, they suck, they think they are something and that we are nothing. I fought with a “friend” of mine that never respected me, and, because I told him I hated a boy who died, he called me crazy, stupid, and he treated me very badly like he always does. If it’s the illness that makes us better people sometimes, I think we have taken the lesson, and it should be time for normies to be punished for their behaviour and characters. I am really pissed off as I said and can’t stand any normie. I wish they all would die for being so bad, or that I would have never lived…

Wow that sounds awful, I’m sorry. My parents may be ignorant but they’ve always told me they loved me. I think they were just terrified that if we were diagnosed we’d be put on harmful medication and be stuck with a label for the rest of our lives.

Hey rose. Hope you feel better soon. Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to deal with is the symptoms rather than all this other bs from other people.


Hey Anna. Yeah my mum can be cruel but she is overall a really nice person. I think she just needs to understand the illness more. Like I don’t think she has even looked up schizophrenia on the Internet. She had to grow up with a unmedicated bipolar father which I think has jaded her view of mental illness and as a result she feels that when I express my illness this is selfish. We have just had to learn to disagree with each other.

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I understand. I just wrote on another post how I never shared anything with my mother. Tomorrow, I am going to her house to clean up some boxes, do my laundry, and eat dinner; but, I tell her nothing at all about me really. Once, I figured out she gives money to various causes; including cancer and diabetes; but, not mental illness. She denies that she does not care or is denying my illness. Several years ago, I tried to get her to go to NAMI’s family to family classed on Saturday morning. I told her that she didn’t have to worry. I would take care of my father. She refused “point blank” Earlier this year, I brought this up and she said that “I was trying to punish her.” She does pay more my therapy and psychiatric sessions. She will pay for my medication if it gets too expensive. She also pays for my other medical appointments like my dermatologist and my eye doctor. But, all of this she puts on one of her credit cards. Why? So, she can take off of income tax as medical deductions. It is pure unadulterated self-interest; totally selfish. She has no regard for my mental illness at all. Sometimes, she buy me stuff at Walmart or pay me back for stuff I bought at Ollies like a bookcase, etc.

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my evil mother even worked at a mental hospital as a secretary to a shrink…and still did not help me !?! …
so i know how you feel :smile:
you are strong.
take care :alien:

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Wow. Would suck to have to live with ignorant people.

My mom did all she could to learn about the illness. She just wants me to survive and have the best possible life.

My dad on the other hand… Not so much. I don’t think he cares to know. I don’t live with him. At least he knows I can’t work now.

He has a kind of hands off approach…

Most of the other people don’t talk about it because I function as well as anyone else in the social arena.

I’m just glad to be able to talk to people who understand. Who can imagine what I go through. Jaynebeal knows exactly what’s up.

Before I got sick I don’t really know how ignorant I would’ve been. Never had to deal with mental illness. Would depend on the person I guess and would depend on how they introduced the topic.

It’s crazy to imagine the content of other people’s minds. Especially those who are lucky to have never seen the negatives of illness in their lives. Just old people dying.

But just imagining people who don’t think about mental illness… What a different world! Can’t really guilt them for not wanting to leave it(as much as they should).


If I met a schizo now I’d try to find out everything about them.

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I think we may be tapping into some sort of other dimensions. We have a lot of the same delusion’s…there is definitely a pattern going on.

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Yes but there are only so many potentials of the mind… Seems infinite at first but it’s really not. The imagination however. The visual imagery, while still not infinite, approximates infinite.

It’s all comes down to whether or not consciousness or unconsciousness dominates the universe. I choose to believe that we live in an unconscious universe. It makes me feel safe.

For some reason it would seem that consciousness can travel any distance at any time across the potential multiverse.

No no no.

This universe alone is to much to comprehend. The multiverse… Why would anyone take that on.

Absolutely! I take comfort and so much comfort in know a larger percentage of mentally ill people fall in the 140 realm for IQ. That 40 points above most people that stigmatize us. The down side being were in the minority.

If the earth is in a bubble (like some physicist believe) then how many bubbles are there? O.o And can we find out?

If the cosmos is truly infinite. If there are infinite planes. We can never know.
Although a couple centuries of faster than light travel and some inter stellar exobiology would at lest give us an idea of the potentials in this dimension or universe.

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I think we will get there

If we do not destroy ourselves…

Rip Carl Sagan

Had a hallucination he was talking to me earlier o.O

Huh, I have not heard of him till now. NASA never takes e.t s seriously. He must be quite bright.

Well you know what I mean lol