Playing with the idea of trying typical antipsychotics (haldol), yes or no?

I was looking at comments by pdocs on one of their message boards concerning how to treat schizophrenia combined with ocd, which is what I have. Most of the comments said stay off olanzapine and clozapine as they will make ocd worse through antagonism of 5ht2a and one of them, the one I’m interested in suggested treating schizo-ocd with a typical and an antidepressant.

What I’m thinking is, all my issues I’m currently facing such as ocd on aripiprazole seem to come from significant serotonergic atnagonism which is common to all of the atypicals with the exception of seroquel which I was previously on. If I were to try a drug like haldol which is more selective to dopamine my ocd/hypersexuality issues should in theory go away.

Now the question is, which older neuroleptic should I choose based on their receptor/sfx profiles? This is probably the essence of my question, in your opinion which typical antipsychotic should I use based on your previous experiences taking them?

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Do what u wish …!!!

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What is ur breakthrough symptoms …positive cognitive or negative symptoms …

I have taken low dose 1 mg of Haldol for 37 years without any tardive dyskinesia.

Not Haldol, my tongue became paralysed on Haldol.

I’ve got schizo ocd. I am on 3 different antipsychotics one of these
Is the typical clopixol. The atypicals I am one are geodon and Seroquel. I recommend you to use Seroquel for your ocd because
It has helped on my ocd. The reason why I recommend Seroquel instead of typical antipsychotics is that you probable will get intolerable
Side effects from haldol or another typical. The ocd i have got is harm
Ocd. It’s only repulsive thoughts that I never have acted on.

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The way a people react to psychotropic drugs can vary from person to person. Personally, I was incredibly miserable while I was on Haldol. All the typical antipsychotics do that to me. That doesn’t hold for everybody, though. There has to be at least a little trial and error before you find the right med.

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